Monday, March 21, 2016

The Death Adder Super Show Ep.4: HOT GARBAGE


  1. I get where you are coming from with your opinion of Watch Dogs being more positive than Fallout 4. That being one is better than the other because it looks like a more detailed world and environment. That is precisely why I can never get into any Bethesda game. Bigger world doesn’t mean more fun when most of that world is empty space to me. That is why some of my favorite games, such as Shenmue, are mostly games that are linear with really detailed worlds.

    I would suggest jumping onto Sleeping Dogs. I always wanted to try that game out since people say it plays like Yakuza and Shenmue. That is a good game in my book in case you have not played either of those. I am going to jump all into that if Yakuza Zero is still not here by the time I get my PS4 later this year.

    Anyways, I do not personally hate Star Wars. Actually, I enjoy the movies enough and have a few Star Wars videos games. It is just that I am not a Star Wars fanatic that watched the movies 20 times over and consumed every piece of Star Wars media. Maybe I will re-watch all the Star Wars movies before episode 9 comes out though.

    Finally, my question to you is what are your 3 favorite games of all time off the top of your head right now? It does not have to be in a particular order and it has to be the first three that come straight at you. I know I might kick myself in the head later on for saying these but here are my top 3 that jump straight out to me right now. They are Shenmue, Final Fantasy 8, and Pokémon Gold. What is your opinion on these three games if you have one on them?