Sunday, October 16, 2016

DASS X: Episode X


  1. ***DASS 1: Pilot Episode*** (1:00:17)

    (Guns N’ Roses- You Could Be Mine)

    *Trying On A Podcast

    *The Dying Days Of YouTube

    (MetallicA- The Four Horsemen)

    *Super Hero Movies And Shows

    *WWE Survivor Series 2015

    (Insane Clown Posse- B!tches)

    ***DASS 2: The PS4 Is Neat*** (50:38)

    (MetallicaA- Devil's Dance S&M)

    *I Discuss My Thoughts On My Recently Acquired Playstation 4

    *I Reveal My Podcast Lair, The Fortress Of Death

    *I Response To Feedback From Episode 1

    (Nine Inch Nails- The Hand That Feeds)

    ***DASS 3: I Enjoy Nuka-Cola & Kylo Ren*** (1:19:29)

    (Foo Fighters- Everlong)

    *Christmas Times

    *First 30 Hours Into Fallout 4

    (Repo Man Theme)

    *Q & A Segment

    (John Williams- The Imperial March)

    *Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

    (John Williams- Star Wars: A New Hope Ending Theme)

    ***DASS 4: Hot Garbage*** (1:23:10)

    (RUN DMC DX Theme)

    *BS Zone

    *Fallout 4

    *Watch Dogs

    (Jake "The Snake" Roberts Theme)


    *What I've Been Watching


    (Big Boss Man Theme)

    ***DASS 5: DeathaMania*** (1:59:08)

    (Saturday Night's Main Event Theme)


    (Sting's Theme (Turbocharged))

    *NXT Takeover Dallas/HOF 2016/WrestleMania 32/Raw After Mania

    (Finn Balor's Theme)

    *NXT House Show

    (Emma's Theme)

    *What I've been Playing/Watching


    (Dusty Rhodes Theme)

    ***DASS 6: Heavy Breathing, XB1, Bats V Supes, Kale Thief***(1:00:38)

    (Family Matters Theme)

    *XBOX One

    *Batman V Superman

    (Demi Lovato- Cool For The Summer)

    *BS Zone

    *Half of a Q&A

    (TDKR Plane Theme)

    ***DASS 7: I Was Bored And Accidently Made A Podcast***(40:15)

    (Motley Crue- Kickstart My Heart)


    (MetallicA- For Whom The Bell Tolls)

    ***DASS 8: Dark Souls II, Banjo-Kazooie, CM Punk UFC Fight*** (1:14:25)

    (Late Night With Conan O’Brien Infused Death Adder Intro)

    (Marilyn Manson- Antichrist Superstar Live)

    *I Touch On 2016’s Lackluster E3

    *I Read Three Children’s Books In Harry Potter

    *For The First Time Ever, I Am Paying For An Online Video Game Service in XBL

    *The Crew

    *Dark Souls II

    (Cosmos 70- Hang Song)

    *WWE 2K16/The Next Round Battle Royal/ The Mondo Cool Battle Royal

    *A Handful Of XBOX One Pickups

    *Rare Replay Collection/Banjo-Kazooie

    *My Fiverr Experience LOL

    *CM Punk’s Ego Is 9 Foot Tall And You Can’t Teach That/UFC Whoopin

    (Foo Fighters- These Days)

    ***DASS 9: 2 Nervous Dudes, 1 Cup*** (2:01:43)

    (Late Night With Conan O'Brien Infused Death Adder Intro)

    *Episode Introduction

    (The Ascension Theme)

    * The Mega Powers Unite With Alex Swingle
    *Episode Premature Outro

    (The Immortals- Sonya (Go, Go, Go))


    (Easy E- Boyz N The Hood)

    ***DASS X: Episode X*** (1:12:38)

    (X-Men The Animated Series Theme)

    *A Boyhood Dream Realized In Being A Member Of Team Mondo Cool

    (MetallicA- Moth Into Flame)

    *Hurricane Fruit Pants

    *Suicide Squad

    *Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China

    *The Eric Andre Show Is The Best Show

    (Tye Dillinger Theme)

    *A Look Back At The Past 10 Magical Episodes

    (Guns N’ Roses- Civil War)

  2. I forgot to mention this when I first heard the podcast; I waiting the entire time you recapped how you felt about each recording that the tenth podcast was just a shitty recap show. So much potential for lols dashed and I cried a little inside.

    Thanks again for some verbal immersion :)

  3. Oh shit you're right, I always hate when a sitcom does a flash back episode and that is exactly what I did. Damn it!

  4. I noticed you played Boys in the Hood by NWA at the end of episode 9. This sparked the question of me asking you if you are a fan of their music? I absolutely hate rap music but really enjoy NWA. Just got into them a couple months ago because of the biopic that was released last year. I still have not watched the film yet though.

    Saints Rows does seem interesting. Sadly I am not ever going to get into that series. Just cannot stand games that play similar to GTA for more than 10 hours. However, I will gladly try out Sleeping Dogs if I get the chance.

    I always wanted to watch Suicide Squad. Judging from your review however, it does not seem to be worth it. Maybe after I finally get to watching Deadpool and Batman v Superman, I will watch it.

    Oh yes, the upcoming elections. As I am typing this, the elections are only four days away in California. Since your next episode will be released after that, I just have to ask since it is a losing situation no matter what. How does it feel to live under our newly appointed overlord and who is it?

    Well the good news about the elections is that the PS4 Pro comes out two days after. That is when I will go to the store to pick one up. Hyped as hell to finally get a PS4. Am also going to pick up The Uncharted Collection under your recommendation to go along with it.

    Congrats on making it to the double digits in podcast episodes. Hopefully you can continue this program into the three digits in the future.