Thursday, March 23, 2017

DASS 12: Death Adder Is Strange


  1. I am humbly honored that you need to stretch before my long ass comments, lol.

    I haven't seen the last Xmen movie, but honestly I don't have big hopes for it.

    I like the idea of Roman Reigns playing Lobo, since the Rock will play Black Lightning the villain from Captain Marvel/Shazam. He has got the look, and I think he could pull of Lobo.

    I also enjoyed your idea for the next Death Adder Wrestling Federation event. A shadow version of Jerry would be fun. Make it if you feel like it bro.

    There are different versions of Mame, I believe there should be atleast one where you don't need to take a programming college course to get it started, lol.

    I only put in like 10 hours into Dark Souls 1, which is like nothing. I do want to get farther, just need to get in the right mood for it.

    There are many games which you can play with a controller. I can recommend you some of the better ones one of these days.

    I would love to play some games over steam one of these days.

    I am watching Iron Fist, its okay but I think I enjoy Luke Cage and Daredevil more. There are some good action scenes, and now they they are doing the Defender where all of the NF Heroes team up.

    Psylocke was real hot, especially the Jim Lee version from the 90s.

    Deathgore? That is like the most 90s name ever conceived! Crossover can be kinda weird, but I still enjoy them.

    Fellow Beastian question of the week:
    Are you exited for any movies that are coming out this year?

  2. I would call you a fruit for playing Life Is Strange, but I must commend you for still having your feelings.

    I look forward to hearing your PC battle reports.