Friday, October 13, 2017

DASS 25: Atomic Purple Bat


  1. Extra Immersion Until Taken Down By YT:

    Retro Kaiser’s Shumptober:

    Hogan & Andre w/Heenan Segment:

    Wraith Movie Trailer:

  2. When you started talking about Gone Home, I was worried you were going to rip up your man card on air. Thank goodness you're only a tender fella on the weekend and not 24/7.

  3. Freddy VS Jason is sweet, I think you will like it. I enjoyed the mersion my man, Arbies seems to have gotten more expensive. Cuphead is technically not a pure shmup but rather a run and gun (think Contra, Gunstar Heroes, Metal Slug) where it is half Plattformer half Shmup (not be a smartass or anything). It looks great, wanna get it myself. I played through Might and Magic 7, and I have been playing some Snes games while listening to your cast. Erkels fighting style would be a variation on drunken Kung Fu, just called Geek Fu. I havent actually seen the Friday the 13th remake yet, so Ill watch it and come back to listen to your thoughts. Jason 9 was pretty shit yeah, but X was good cheesy fun. They even did some self parody there, and Cyborg Jason was sweet. I liked the story mode in MK9 It just kicked my ass at a certain point, so I gotta get good and get back. I played through Injustice, which is an easier version of MK. I hope IJ2 gets Lobo too. My bro from Ireland was here and we got shitfaced on beer went to bars and played old video games including some MAME arcade games. Good stuff. Ive seen X-Men Apocalypse and Logan finally. Apocalypse sucked, but yeah Olivia Munn was hot in it and atleast visually was the perfect Psylocke. Logan was amazing, best Swansong for Jackman for Logan. I say let Scott Eastwood be the new Logan.

    Question of the Beast:
    What did you think of the latest Justice League Trailer? I think It could bee good, but I will try to keep expectations low.