Tuesday, November 7, 2017

DASS 27: The Return To The Clack


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    1. @Minute 31: (When you threatened to beat the shit out of Daisy): That response from her was the best comedic timing I've heard in awhile. Her meow was inquisitive, like saying, "Whatta I do?"

      I lol'd for about 20 seconds.

  2. I know this response is SUUUUUUUUUUUPER late brotha, but I have been fighting my battle with Deppressor (batteries not included), and also in general I suck as a human. I will however catch up this week!

    -Olivia Munn is still okay, but I guess she just got older. I would not kick her off the side of the bed if you know what I mean
    -At this point It seems you are okay on the game front. As I listen to the latest battle report called DASS, I will know if you need the ordinance (PC). 400 bucks will get you a decent PC in general, but you wont be able to play on max settings. I also recommend Swingle, he knows his shit when it comes to updating PC's. AMD and Pentium the eternal question, I think Pentium is usually better but more expensive, but I would have to check to make sure. A good graphics card is important, but you wont need to brake the bank. Eitherway ask if you need the Hardware for an upcoming battle (like Fallout 4 with mods or something).
    -That Geek Fu comment was great! DID I KICK THAAAAAAT?
    -Thanks again for liking the Multiverse vid. It was Swingles idea

    PS: I have listened to this, and thought I commented, but I didn't. Apperantly Depressor used his forget gasball attack, and I did. Either Way great episode as usual, for Doom!