Monday, March 5, 2018

DASS 29: The 8 Dollar Podcast



  2. Youre a righteous guy bro! Your podcast is sweet man, I am still catching up with episodes I havent listened yet, so that is good news! Do your thing man. Thanks for the kind words. Dude make youre Retro Waching machine collector YT channel, with your greeting "Back again Death here!". MK4 was pretty sweet, and yeah it was much easier then the previous games.
    You don't like Lord of the Rings, HERETIC!!! Nah Im kidding, its not for everyone. I enjoy it personally. Have you seen other Fantasy movies like Willow, Krull or the first Conan? I liked Spiderman HC, but I also agree the SJW stuff was very thick there, and Tony was more of a douche then usual. I get he is playing a dad role for Peter and being his mentor, but yeah was a bit much. But hey maybe we are suppose to dislike him.
    Flash Thompson was miscast and was not intimidating at all. I did like Peters best friend tough. I think Path of Exile should work on your laptop. Maybe we could play Diablo 2 on Battle NEt some day. That game runs on a potato. I think you will dig it. Your new Wrestling persona will be Larry the Laundry guy. He is a heal who takes out the DIRTY LAUNDRY, which are his enemies. OR maybe he is a face? Who knows! Only Larry! You are very BRAVE to admit playing brave ;) (the cringe was real with this one) just kidding. Sounds like its a cool game. I loved the Alladin Snes game, and would play pretty much all of the old Disney games, not giving a fuck. If its a good game, it is a good game. Ariel here I come....errrr.