Tuesday, May 29, 2018

DASS 31: Super


  1. Hey man. I haven't been able to see any of the popular movies at this point, but after The Last Jedi, I have checked out of the Star Wars franchise for a while. Honestly that happened when Rogue One came out, but someone took me to see Last Jedi, but thats unimportant.

    So I noticed that you arn't putting DASS on your Podomatic account anymore. Thats a shame. It would be nice to get emails when new shows come out and shit like that. Cool to see a new episode. I enjoyed the tunes on this as well.

    Hope your shit is going good. Peace bruh.

    1. I do realize that adding them to Podomatic makes things easier on people wanting to get a hold of new episodes, but the whole bandwidth thing eventually just made me cut ties. Plus I know my 4 listeners are all on their PCs at some point throughout the day :P. Maybe I'll try and put some of the missing episodes on there.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. 1. Just to spite you, I got a PS3 :P Nah, for realzies though, I found one in the wild for $50 with a controller and I got to say, the PS3 controller is worst than the WiiMote. At least with the WiiMote, all the games actually use the damn thing, even if not desired. I got 4 games that demand the sixaxis controller and they do stupid crap like turn a wheel. Cool thing as a side note, PC controllers work for the PS3. I've been using my 12 year old dual shock PC controller on any game that could allow it. The AIDs have been too strong with the official controller.

    Also, apparently the PS3 was voted worst modern console of all time. I got 38 games for it over the last three weeks and 30 of the games were less than $3 each. Yikes. Still, I'm enjoying my child-like wonder through the collection I got now and a podcast will be made to celebrate said playage.

  3. 2. In regards to my hatin' on Ronda: I don't like it when wrestlers are trying to get over and they use other peoples' gimmick. When used as a joke like GilBerg, I love it, but don't wear his shirt. Put up a flag of his clan or something if paying tribute. It would be like me wearing Doink's outfit for my first time in the ring; just disappointment.