Friday, September 14, 2018



  1. Something of note about the 23 and You: A study was done comparing their results and two other DNA testing companies. Out of the 1,000 tested in the study, nearly 30% were falsely told of being African descent. While you can probably trust the majority of the test results, please be aware there might be some propaganda in it. For example, cilantro can be eaten, but is mostly used like tea in European dishes as a flavor additive. Eating it is totes gross.

    Although you are right in believing the sentiment of my statement about Dead By Daylight being a poop game, I mean the game is meant for mouth-breathers. People who aren't mouth-breathers, such as yourself, still have the ability to enjoy such games and I congratulate you for being able to do so. I too would probably enjoy a few dozen matches with the game. But as you can tell, your fellow comrades reveal the shallow experience one gets when playing the game. Those knuckle-draggers, below 60 IQ inbreds are the target demographic behind electronic hide-n-seek and why I refer it to a poop game. It attracts flies, get it?

    Much love

    I'm tired of getting upstaged by Balzak ;). As your number 1 fan, this shall be corrected with a phone call to the podcast hotline.

    1. Isn't Africa regarded as the cradle of life for humanity?

    2. It's regarded as much as the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. Meaning no hard evidence. Plus with how mobile humans can be, it is improbable to make such a statement as fact without testing almost every single being on the planet. The original evidence used to claim we all come from Africa was based on a small sample size of 500 people and the sample wasn't a random set of 500 from across the world.

      I could be black just due to the Turk invaders of the early 1200s. Or the Barbars from my French side. Not enough evidence to prove my origin came from Africa.

    3. How could you call the evidence specious? All the evidence found points to it. Do you have some other theory that is not widely promulgated throughout the media available to the public or academia?

      Jeez, louise! Only the most inept person would say they are black with less than 1% of genealogy DNA markers indicating as such. I'm sure you could look up some rule about it that was supported by the ruling of some court case, but I doubt it has general acceptance, especially worldwide.

    4. Hard evidence is something like using the oldest humanoid shaped fossil found in Africa and comparing the bone DNA to see how well it matches other humans. Even then, that isn't good enough to prove every human comes from Africa because we all share roughly 70% of the same DNA. Only minor markers are what separate us on a genetic level. We share more DNA with lions than each other just due to how we absorb genetic material during the consumption process of food.

      Me saying there is no hard evidence and the rest of modern society being taught the debate is over means the propaganda worked. Why do we use an inefficient electrical system? Why are we no longer using moonshine to power our cars at 1/8 the cost of gas? Not everything told or done is based on the purest, most ethical and productive ideals.

      I'm not saying I'm right because I didn't provide an alternative origin thesis. It's about looking at the evidence they provide and spotting if their evidence can be proven. It's why I don't get flu shots. The CDC said themselves that only 4% of the population benefit from it. It's too low of a risk to feel like garbage for 3-4 weeks. And even then, I'm assuming the 4% risk is accurate since I have no means to prove it.

  2. Since you mentioned your fleeting thought of getting an NES mini and softmodding it, it spurred the thought of how you did your retro clickety clacks. I recall watching you play Ristar. Was it a softmoded Wii?

    As Balzak implies it as standard practice, "I guess I should end this with a question." As top commenter, how much thought do you put into leaving those gems?

  3. All of the views and comments in just 4 days, I thought I got a 4 chan raid, even better I got a Swingle/Mecha raid!