Wednesday, April 15, 2020

DASS 72: Darth Grapico


  1. Why do I picture you with a beard, DA? I think it probably has some bush to it, but not unkempt--like an Al Borland. I've attempted growing facial hair in the past--not stressing over it, not a boiling-red Popeye face ready to burst with each hair taking root, but I let shaving day pass. The results looked as hideous I imagine Jabba's vag hairs being. Over the past five years, shaving day has become shaving days of the week. If I let those pass, I get decent stubble now, but it is itchy, and I don't think it does my skin any good. I do find it annoying to shave, mostly because of time. If I could freeze time for my morning ritual, taking the Mach 3 to my skin wouldn't feel like a hassle. Despite its name, this straight razor will cut you if you go too fast. Sometimes I think it would be better if I just take the whole thing off, beard, skin, everything. I'd grow a new face. Enhh...It would probably look like Freddie. It would then make more sense. I walk down the street, and a lot of people take wide births. I get no compliments, but I get no criticism either. People instantly know to stay away. Is it like this for most guys walking down the street? I don't get how anyone can form real relationships like this. Must I be the one to intervene? Why can't people ask me to join? I never liked thinking people at work were the people that must be my friends. Why? Just because they are the only people I interact with outside people working registers at stores and those organizing garage sales doesn't mean I have to meet them afterwards. I don't know. Things used to be much easier before shaving days.

  2. I played Jedi Academy back in college on PC. It gave you the option of dual wielding, single, and staff / Darth Maul configurations. Laser swords with laser hilts were not an option yet. It was the first Star Wars game I remember thinking it was fun to wave your glow stick around because of the flipping, dodging, force-pulling and pushing--you know jedi / sith stuff. I actually played the free online multiplayer for months before I even attempted single player. I don't think there was another online game I've played since. Maybe the Asian-only Bomberman Online for PC was after that. Unfortunately, those Asians kicked any non-Asians off after a few months. Maybe it was their testing period. I don't know. It was free though. I learned a lot of Bomberman from that. A lot of it is probably down the toilet now :/