Monday, November 23, 2020

DASS 95: 5 Year Anniversary


  1. The DASS crowd wants to know, what do you think of so-called influencers filing their teeth to look like sharks?

  2. I'd like to get one of those 8bitdo controllers because of their compatibility with devices. I like the same GB color scheme pro controller as you (off-white with maroon buttons) but the version w/o handles. I haven't stumbled across a good deal / freebie. The black one with six face buttons resembles the European Mega Drive color-scheme (especially with that blue start button in the center). I believe the original selling point of them was that they were cheap $20-25 controllers, but covid-demand drove up the price to $50!!!

  3. I don't know why you rag on kid Spider-Man. Tom Holland does a great nebbish Peter Parker impression and amazing improvisational-esque Spider-Man impression. He nails original Peter Parker as the teenager presented in the 60s comic. Peter in social situations is an awkward baby bird, dealing with many firsts in life. That is why teenagers dig the character. They also fantasize about donning the mask and instantly freeing themselves from inhibition around strangers as well as the whole physical power fantasy thing. Spider-Man cracks jokes. Parker has sweaty hands around chicks.

    Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is another story. The movie producers definitely hired him because of his awkward Peter Parker impression. Drake and Indiana Jones have this quality in their comedy (improvisational and awkward), but they are old men, chiseled from years of adventuring. I speculate the direction the producers are going for is the younger the better because this will encourage the younglings to plop $20 for a seat in the theatre. We all know movie theatres is the young man's game. I think I read an article, stating that tweens are the biggest driver of crowds to theatres. Young people are not afraid to dispose of income on movie tickets. I can wait and dl it later because I'm not of the age when people around me are egging me to go out and have fun. In fact, asking people to go out and have fun has a creepy feel to me at my age. I definitely haven't matured past that awkward teenager stage.

  4. I'm really interested in seeing how your Marvel cards plan pans out. You said that you want to display the cards and are going all out. Have you considered whether your cases provide UV protection? Leaving things out to admire every now and then is cool, but that sun has a way of fading colors. It started happening with one of my shelf displays for the original Pokemon, so I had to turn it away and put it more in the shade.

    Write down the names and publishing dates of your graphic novels and let me guesstimate value and bundling. If you can't do that, ugh, I'm trying to help you man. Shipping shouldn't be a problem. Remember media mail is cheap for heavy things like books.

  5. Right now is the worst time to buy anything fancy. You may want to put your PC dreams to rest for a while, not because of just coivd spiking rates of production and distribution of these parts, but also because the holiday season spikes cost of everything. Don't believe the hype about holiday deals. These deals are tiny fractions compared to what you pay for the newest stuff. There is a post-New Year spike as well. Your best bet is to wait till February at least, if not, April.
    We already went over what you need to run PS3 era stuff @1080, 60fps.
    - i7 processor (gen 3 at least and low power consumption is better; also f' AMD)
    - NVIDIA 1080 graphics card
    - 20GB RAM
    - SSD of 500GB or more so you don't have to delete stuff for a while

    Word of warning WORD OF WARNING: All of these parts have counterfeit versions. By asking someone to build your PC, you are putting your faith in them using authentic parts. I bought my SSD used and used Samsung's software to authenticate the drive. I think this is way over your head, given your lack of enthusiasm, you probably want to drop $3K on a Dell laptop that is "portable," packs everything you want into one thing w/o hassle, and backed by a warranty. I must note that laptops tend to have more problems due to how parts are crammed tightly. A powerful graphics card generates a lot of heat. Laptop manufacturers also underclock / cockplok components, so overheating doesn't destroy the machine right away.

    I took a look at the Archangel 3.0:
    My questions and concerns:
    #1: AMD chip. I don't care if people go, 'But AMD makes the chips in the PS4, PS5, and XBXes.' They make shit that is cheaper, and that is why these console manufacturers went with them. You will not get top of the line. I was AMD for a long time. Never Again!
    #2: Brand of motherboard not mentioned. Did they go with ASUS, MSI, some Tawainese knock-off, etc.? You don't know.
    #3: Similarly the brand of RAM could be garbage. There's no mention of a brand. Maybe it's whatever they can get their hands on in covid times because larger manufacturers take top priority with their ordering.
    #4: The amount of RAM is 16GB. This is OK, but 20GB is really a noticeable boost.
    #5: Brand of SSD? This can really drag if you get crap
    #6: Brand of power supply?
    The price I see on Amazon is $780, $900, and $1150, based on the graphics card you pop into the build.

    All these concerns matter. Do you want a machine that's still kicking in 5 or 10 years? Find reviews. Leave questions on messageboards and Amazon product pages. People get back pretty quickly. I'm sure people will say I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to AMD vs Nvidia. You tell them mecha doesn't do you any wrong, but appreciate your take. We don't want to start any flame wars on messageboards, especially if it originates from a thread by a person with one post.

    1. They went with AMD because of the APU. Your experience with AMD is also not accurate with modern AMD.

  6. With your recap of Game of Thrones, you mentioned Aria's nudity, but forgot to mention it's a full on f'ing scene. It's definitely awkward, but I think it's better than that old "meme before it was a meme" about how people couldn't wait till the Olsen twins hit 18. Twigs. Now their sister, the Scarlet Witch is definitely appealing. Also, did you know Jon Snow married that red-haired wildling IRL?

  7. Sweet, sexy, nerdy candy canes to suck on: