Sunday, October 31, 2021

DASS 125: Bite My Halloweenie

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    DASS Audio Comment Notes

    -Congrats on passing MCC on the amount of episodes with Episode #126

    -Experience with Buffets? This was all triggered by me watching the South Park Episode Starvin' Marvin. Gang goes to an Old Country Buffet which made me want to go to one here in CA called Home Town Buffet but they filed for bankruptcy back in March or April 2020. Boo!

    Going to fix this problem by going to Vegas for some quality buffet eats in January.

    -Curb Your Enthusiasm is also a quality program. Watched the first two seasons back in the day on DVD and was entertained. Been meaning to go back but it suffers the same problem as The Larry Sanders Show of great show to watch but hard to marathon.

    -Happy 20th Anniversary Original Xbox
    Favorite memories?
    First games?
    Prefer The Duke or the S Controller?
    Was it your primary DVD player back in the 00s?
    Did you mess around with Original Xbox Live back in the day?

    My first game I played was Blinx The Time Sweeper back in either 2002 or 2003 at a car dealership.

    -Update on Oz. Finished Season 1 and changed my favorite character to Beecher, specifically Crazy Beecher with the Wolverine sideburns.