Monday, May 23, 2016

DASS 7: I Was Bored And Accidentally Made A Podcast


  1. Well E3 just finished up a few days ago right when I am typing this. You probably already talked about it already but here are some of my opinions about it.

    The game that I am most hyped for is obviously The Last Guardian. Not only was there a release date attached to it but that it is this October. I wish I had a PS4 right now but sadly I just decided to wait until Sony announces the new PS4.

    Another game I did not know about until this E3 was We Happy Few. It just caught my attention because it looks like a video game version of A Clockwork Orange. That premise for a game alone made me want this game. Sadly, it is only on PC and Xbox One so this was added to my PC wish list for when I get some kind of PC in the not distant future. I would suggest you check it out though since I would buy this game if I had an Xbox One.

    Finally, Pokemon Go is the last game I am definitely going to try out. Not only because it’s free but that it sounds interesting and comes out next month.

    As for the rest of the conference, could not care less. However, the PS4 games featured in the Sony conference sound interesting. Will not pay full price for them but will pick a few of them them up when they are cheap. Finally, the rest of Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s games, could not care less.

  2. Snoop Dogg playing Battlefield 1 was probably the highlight of E3 for me. A lot of average looking games, VR which is going to fail, and slimmer items of things I already own.