Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DASS 8: Dark Souls II, Banjo-Kazooie, CM Punk UFC Fight

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  1. I am also in complete agreement with how E3 was a disappointment. However, I am completly biased on this since the announcement of Shenmue 3 was enough for me to state that last year's E3 was the best one I have ever seen. E3 to me was always boring since I cannot get excited about the next slew of bland FPS or TPS games everyone announces. However, there are always a few gems that get announced through the cracks of those usual announcements.

    You are truly late on the Harry Potter hype train. I too have all the books and thought they were really enjoyable when I was younger. However, I have not touched those books in years so I would not know how they would hold up today. I would imagine that they would now since you practically enjoyed them as a thirty three year old man. However, if you thought the second book felt like filler, just get ready for the sixth book. Even in my Harry Potter loving days, I always thought the sixth book was a slog to get through.

    I really enjoyed those wrestling videos you mentioned in this episode. Especially with how you imagined my looks which consisted in my opinion of a Kamen Rider mask, a yakuza tattoo, and karate dragon pants to show off my love for asain entertainment. Also loved the Jerry Terrifying and Pete Dorr imitators and their match. That Pete Dorr entrance almost made my heart stop from the utter brilliance.

    Rare Replay is definetly a good choice for an Xbox One title. That was actually my number one motivation for getting an Xbox One before deciding on a PS4. I would definitely recommend trying out Jet Force Gemini on that collection if you get the chance. I am also kind of hesitant to recommend Conker's Bad Fur Day. I enjoyed the hell out of that game when I first played though it when I was twelve. However, I tried playing though it a couple years ago and could not get through more than five hours of it before quiting. Reasoning for this is that the game is funny to watch but not that fun to play. Just give it an hour though if it is to your liking since it might be pretty funny on the first playthrough as a grown man.

    Finally, time to end this comment with a question. Have you ever skipped school to ever play a video game before? Asking since even though I do not enjoy watching the Happy Console Gamer, he did make a video where he told the story of him skipping high school for two weeks to play Dragon Warrior 2. Sadly, I was not able to have that option since I always had to rely on my parents to drive me to school when I was in high school.

    Well that is all for now. Keep up the good work in cranking out these podcasts.