Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DASS 14: Junkin Up The Tubes


  1. You've become too aware of your autism. xoxo, Alex

  2. In regards to the Dark Souls genre piece: I think horrible controls and rote memory requirements have been a thing since N64 and PS1. Tenchu first comes to mind.

  3. I hope we can get alot of the old DA stuff back. I thank you for bringing back the TNR/MCC Wrestling Federation vids. I think your vids were awesome, and would like to see them again, also the ones I sadly missed. Cleaning house (or rather Castle Adder) is important at times, but since its pretty much us bros, I think it would be great to see the great vids from the past. Because of my depression I have been taking a break again, but I do plan to return.

    I would love to hang out on Skype and do some gaming over Steam. There are a couple of games where this could be done. I will fill the Beastbar appropriately and the party can commence. We should hang more broski.

    I hear Alien Covenant sucked, Guardians 2 was great, and I hear Wonder Woman is legit great, the best DCverse movie sofar. I will see it for myself, once it hits Deutschland.

    Fellow Beastian Question of the week:
    Since you are a fan of 90s style fighting games like me, why not describe your own fighting game (If you had the resources and company to do it)? The theme, setting, Characters (Id say lets go for 7 and 1 Secret one, but do more if you wish) Levels, features and the characters special moves/finishing moves.