Monday, June 19, 2017

DASS 15X: XB1 X 2 Projank Noob Saibot Dooble Danker Taco X Supreme XK4 With Flip Flops Modem X


  1. @Minute 9: How god damn dare you suggest I wouldn't care about your ventures in Xbox One-land. I declare on almost a daily basis that Steam is a rental scam; that is how much I'm a Steam fanatic in loving what they provide. I still like the PC as a platform, just none of the rental services like U-Play, Origins, and Steam. GOG,, and some of the other bundle sites are kings of glory and I'll give living wages level of money to those fine folks.

    I also like wrestling, but stopped in 2001 after the towers fell. #NeverForget But nah, the real reason is even as a heterosexual male, I was getting nervous boners at the family TV during RAW and felt it was about time I stopped participating in softcore front of family. Plus the actual story portion was getting beyond terrible and I legit like the story and the wrestling when it's done together in harmony.

  2. I enjoy your content broski! Alot of Xbox games are on Steam now, so I as a PC Fag can still enjoy your stuff. You. Swinlge and Kaiser have made me interested in Wrestling again, alteast somewhat. Dragon Age Origins seem pretty cool, felt alot like a update on Baldurs Gate.

    I enjoyed this episode, since I enjoy the way you talk man. Like Michael Savage would say, you do have the voice for radio man! Also I enjoy your use of the word Jebrony. Top Kek man! :)

    Here is a question(s) from the Beast:
    -Why isnt this on TNR broski? Your going ROGUE? ;) (Just kiddin, but it would be sweet to see it there too man.)
    -Is there any other nerd/other types of hobbies you like to do, instead of gaming?
    -If the different GAYming channels were like primitive Jungle tribes, what would our tribe name, and individual names would be? (We would off course be living in a Lost World Jungle full of Prehistoric Monsters and shit, so go wild)

    -I have been down too man, recorded a Beastcast then too. Im happy you are doing better man!