Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DASS 16: The Spectrum Special


  1. I played 3 hours of Dark Souls 2 over 2 sittings. I can speak with confidence that anyone who likes the series is retarded. Sorry DeathAdder. I paid a grand total of $12 for the Humble Monthly, so in essence, I paid $2 for the rental. ('cause 12 divided by 6 is 2)

    It plays exactly like Monster Hunter, but the player is slower and has a narrow preset animation for attacks. I could go into detail about the psychology the game uses to trick a person about it's quality, but I rather not give you a long letter to read. It does have charm with the environment. To let the audience of the MondoRound 'verse know, I named my character 'Hater Of Things' and it was appropriate after the whore in red tried to suggest an effigy that doesn't even look humanoid shaped was me. Maybe she is telling me I'm fat and amoeba shaped, I don't know.

    Still, for you Adder, I tried it after hating the first game so damn much. Seriously though, I couldn't even attack pigs because the game's preset animation for melee attacks wouldn't allow it! WTF!

  2. I too agree CF became omega gaylord after he hated on Killer Instinct. How can anyone like Street Fighter 5 and not like TJ COMBO!!!? HOW!!! (In japamu accent) He has dis-arnold his fam-ree!

  3. One more thing, I generally don't comment about the music played because what good will it do me to respond with every vlog that it needs less music and more DeathAdder? I'd say the same thing for CF. It's nice when the songs are hard to find and not heard on Country stations, and at least with your curation I feel more thought goes into the selection in regard to quality.

    Sometimes, a simple fart into the microphone is enough for a transition piece to clean the ears. See ya next DASS

  4. I did notice the country song, lol! I did post a comment on the previous, a bit late, lol! Ive been enjoying some Super Famicom only games, (the roms have been translated by fans) like Front Mission, Star Ocean and some others. I played some much of the emulators, that I got a gamers thumb it (its a pain in the thumb, Im gettin old lol). Had to take a break and played some games you play with the mouse.

    I like your idea for the game. It gave me some ideas for some vids that I wanted to make, that you may enjoy.

    I put in 10 hours in Dark Souls. I love the aesthetic, but the difficulty is on par with some Nes and Amiga games, lol. Needles to say I got stuck. I call this "the Wall" a point in the game where you either fight your way through and finish the game, or give up on the game. Im sure Dark Souls has many such walls.

    Beastquestion number 69: Speaking of "the wall", have you got stuck in a game, either because of difficulty, not knowing what to do, or just something you hated about the game, have given up on a game, either permanently or temporarly?

  5. Maximum coffee slurp action.

    I don't think I ever mentioned Oregon Trail on the air. I will be starting a 12 part series in the fall about nothing but Oregon trail.

    Harvester. Great game. "You always were a kidder, Steve."

    Outgrowing FPSs. Playing Doom II tells me it's not us. The John-Ray has changes since the n64 days.

    Garbage the cat was funny. I remember that bit from the office.

    I am willing to try the old Killer Instinct as long as we can agree I never have to touch 'Life is Tumblr'.

    Good show. Thanks for making it.

  6. I made this picture sharing account, since I thought it would add an extra level of immersion for listeners of DASS. Here is an excellent picture of Garbage The Cat (as mentioned in DASS:16)that I caught recently, I love that beast. https://image.ibb.co/dMoLwk/WP_20170820_16_13_23_Pro.jpg