Thursday, August 10, 2017

DASS 17: ス ディアス アダー スパー ショー


  1. 1. I'm soaked in the immersion.

    2. At minute 66: There is one problem with giving a game more time to reveal it's potential; no matter how long you play it, there is always a counter argument people will use to justify their opinion. "Oh, you played for 70 hours. How bad could it be if you spent that long and didn't quit?" My point being, this isn't my first rodeo where someone
    sniffs their nose and raises it high after seeing my game time put into the game I'm complaining about.

    I also haven't put 20+ hours into Chess and can easily see it's a game about how well you memorize board patterns. Some things don't require that much time to comprehend. Anyways, this will be my last response to your baby.

    3. It's nice to hear Japan kept their slave tradition of displaying two hands in an attempt to show they are unarmed.

  2. Killer instinct is terrible. Suck my cock. Ultra Combo.

  3. 4. Some days have passed since my heart was broken FOR THE THIRD TIME! (Insert some Culture Club emo faygo-try) and I must admit, I generally don't consider anyone a friend until a conflict has occurred and most importantly, how that conflict is resolved. Reason why is I have misplaced trust too many times in my fellow humanoids, especially the hidden sociopaths. Thanks for making the list, friendo.