Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DASS 19: Mimetic Polyalloy


  1. Playing Harvester When The Power Went Out:

  2. 1. A Raspberry Pi is an overpriced Linux Machine. It's a useful device if you want a low cost 'mess around' computer to learn how to install parts to a motherboard as well as use Linux. It also has the benefit of being easy to modify in case you don't want to deal with an Android OS since those are harder to mod depending on the version.

    Just use your lappy. You can play 3DS, PSP, and maybe some turn based PS2 games with any $300 laptop if you are inclined to engage in such activities. You're a caveman nerd, so I doubt you'll want to bother with a Pi for the technical knowledge gimmick.

  3. 2. I remember buying DBZ toys at Toys R'Us. They were the cool kind where they posed with movable arms but didn't have leg and torso articulation like those modern JAKKs toys. I prefer my Barbie Dolls to easily stand so I can have things like Piccolo dancing around Bulma while he sings 'Bad Case Of Loving You' by Robert Palmer. It's those little immersive things that make plain toys fun.

    The one I pined for the most were Megaman figures based on the cartoon show. I was technically lower middle class and the way my parents divvied up gifts for me and my two brothers were birthdays and Christmas. You better hope the thing you wanted was available at those times or else it wasn't going to happen. The Megaman didn't happen. Now they are like $60 a piece for Cutman and such, but thanks to being partially dead inside, I'm not too bummed about it.

    To actually finish my thought, the cheapest I ever bought toys were $11 for DBZ figures. I know the 4 inch figures were $5 and we aren't that far apart in age to experience hyper-inflation for toys. Toys R' Us as a whole loved to gouge, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was taken for a ride. Last toy I bought there was two of the first Bionicle figures. Then I realized I wasted $20 when I could be playing video games.

  4. As I am playing Acromage (I fictional cardgame in Might and Magic 7, think Caravan from New Vegas) and listening to you reminiscing about Toys R Us it makes me think that I wanted to go, but there was like only 1 in Deutschland back then and it was far. I do remember some sweet toystores when I was a kid. Still I would of love to go to Toys R Us back then.

    Good episode man!

  5. @Mr. Beast, ah man I am just now seeing you left comments on 18 & 19, I'll be sure to comb through these harder before I jump in to the next episode, and I'll read all of your comments on 25.