Saturday, August 26, 2017

DASS 18: Harvester Of Steve


  1. Steve:


  2. Youre always were a kidder Steve!

    I played through Harvester and yeah it is weird, funny, cringey, and fucked up all at the same time!

    I loved the MK ending. The theme song (and its many remixes) reminds me so much of the 90s. Like I wanna go into a club and wave those shitty glowsticks 90s, lol. I rewatched the MK movie, and I still like it, maybe more for nostalgia then anything else. I still remember seeing the trailer for this on TV, I think I grew my first chesthair then, lol.

    There is a game on Steam, that you might like, check out "Rampage Knights". If you get it we can try to play it. I played it with Swingle and we had some great moments. I know that PC isn't your thing, I understand.....NOT!!! Nah I kid, do as you do, I hope I can get some older consoles and play some fighting games I missed out on. Your expertise will come in handy then. For now I am fine with my ol tower.

    Question of the Beast:
    That "Saved by the Bell" fighting game you mentioned in a TCR comment sound great (#trollface). Who should they do a VS crossover with? My money is on Parker Lewis, and the oddball gimmick character is ALF!!! #HAHA #NOPROBLEM #Gettingold #AlfisbackinPogform