Thursday, September 7, 2017

DASS 21: More Addictive Than Duster

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  1. How dare you say Swingle is your only fan? It is time for Mortal Kombat! Lolz!

    I started playing MK 9, got stuck in the story mode. I do like it, but I gotta get more into it again. Been on a Might and Magic and Fallout kick recently. Still its cool they added like the old characters kids. When it is on Sale Ill get X, probably 13 is gonna be out that time.

    Triborg just sounds like the Cyborg version of Tryhard, lol. Nah, I love the idea, wasnt Khameleon supposed to be the all in one Cyber Ninja. I always loved the Cyber Ninjas in MK. Cyrax was my favorite to play, but Smoke and or Sektor had the favorite backstory. Have seen them in the MK webseries? I still think MK Vs Street Fighter would be potetnially the best VS game. Atleast its the one I would love to see. I mean Ive seen it in the Mugen custom fighting game engine. Ever tried that out? I think you might like it.

    Im happy you are okay after that storm immersion. It is like becoming a docudrama over there. Still those storms there are pretty crazy. Hope everything went well (I know I am posting this late, but still).

    I can see you know with Swingle in a Fast and the Furious remake. Swingle is obviously Vin Diesel and you are Paul Walker (may he rest in peace). Ive seen this 80s racing/teen/horror/superhero movie the Wraith, with Charlie Sheen and a hottie on NF. Its amazing I havent heard of this movie or seen it, as it was totally up my alley. I think you may enjoy it as well.

    I have seen a Delorean as I was riding shotgun with my brother, here in Germany. Obviously Doc and Marty were trying to stop Hitler, but were probably stopped by Rick and Morty. It was unmodified, but we all know the truth #thetruthisoutthere. ;)

    Ham it up brother, have been enjoying listening to your ramblings as I slay some monsters here in Might and Magic 7.

    PS: Im sending you Subzeros snowman friendship your way.

    Question of the Beast: Have you ever design your own MK fighters as a kid? I have, and it was color coded ninjas, that didnt exist (at the time). I need to find that drawing I did one day, and ramble on a drunk Beastcast sometime.

    Im happy you are doing them weekly, as I am still catching up. Keep up the good work broski for the Deathmug of Doom, Deathchalice of Thunder and Bojos Blood Bowl of Beer! #thecringeisreal #tnrforever