Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DASS 22: Get Woke


  1. -Saturday morning cartoons? I thought that was a thing of the past.
    -No being able to spell Kotaku made me laugh. Thanks for the tip about the new Mondo Cool Cast. I always enjoy those.
    -We need to see if there is anyway we can meet in the middle and play a fightan game online. I still have a ps3. Could that be a viable medium?
    -There is a clicking sound about 30 minutes in that makes it sound like I am listening to this on a scratched vinyl record.
    -Hurricane Jose Canseco was pretty fucking funny.

    1. Oh dang it, I JUST posted a new episode, missed this comment for a few minutes lol. I'll reply to everything you wrote on air in the next episode, but the god awful clicking sound is DJ Thumper he makes an appearance whenever I use the recording device on my phone. I don't have my PS3 anymore but maybe when Skull Girls goes on sale on Steam or something, I am going to try and get more involved with Steam, just wish I had a real computer. Glad you got some enjoyment out of the episode :)

  2. I had a thing for Chun Li back in the day, but agreed Cammy is great especially Kyle as Cammy. Van Damme tapped that back then. So yeah Guile tapped Cammy.

    Zero suit Samus and Samus Aran in General. Blaze from Streets of Rage is another favorite and so is Hitomi from DOA. If I would have to choose one, I would go with Blaze.