Thursday, June 21, 2018

DASS 33: Go Straight


  1. I was sad to see Friday the 13th stop making updates. I also loved that game.

    I have been enjoying this latest wave of DASS podcasts. It seems like your latest rate of about a show a month has been good. That gives you some time to play games and get more shit to say so they arn't the same every time while still giving is a fairly regular stream of content.

  2. Most I ever dropped was 5 lbs. That happened one time, and that was only because I had my gallbladder and a gallstone the size of a golfball removed and they starved me before I wnt into surgury, and once I got out, all I could have was broth for a good week or so.

    I found success dropping about 1 pound or so per week. weight watchers' app did a pretty good job telling me how much I can eat without going over. It was tough though. Good luck.

    Sad to hear about Garbage the Cat. He was a fan favorite indeed.