Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DASS 34: Hide & Seek


  1. The Huntress is a pretty popular choice. I always have issues facing off with her because she is so fast. I always play as the survivor. Don't really know which killers are the best to use to be honest. I used the one with the chainsaw a few times but I couldn't really get any traction.

    Thats an awesome game. We need to get you a PC copy so we can play together.

  2. Controller in DOSBox? If you want to use a controller with DOSBox, your best bet is to download a program called Joy2Key. That will allow you to map your controller buttons to keyboard keys.

  3. I found the show. Why you removed it from YT is obvious, but it keeps it out of my mind.

    Boy, the episode had as much energy as Vietnamese torture victims after holding a stick over their head for an hour. Opening the lines to live call-ins or messages is asking for some excitement.

    I had to skip movie spoilers by jumping ahead several times. This is a low energy show, but adding a note for the 43 minute mark would have been useful in a description. This may come off sounding brassy, but I am just telling the facts.

    Dragon Ball is a good show. Watching it with commercials is tough, though it is not as drawn out as DBZ. I recommend going to other streaming sites like watch cartoons or just dubs.

    I think the fascination around Bulma is creepy from an adult viewpoint. The show was made for teens and younger kids who have a fascination with the naked body, though the show does expose Japan's oddly complacent attitude of adults interested in underage sexuality. I think it comes from a belief that non-adults are pure and innocent of perversion. Goku's obliviousness to this is the perfect contrast. I'm not saying Toriyama is making a political statement about Japanese culture, just that it is noted.

  4. Ah, jeez, I forgot to say something. I have to get this in before getting some sleep. I'll need it. There are two early morning sales tomorrow which are giving me good vibes after reading their ads. I'm not doing this casually carted around by a gas-fueled behemoth, you know. I have to push the steel and everything seated atop with my own legs. Every second of sleep is precious. My precious...

    When exercising, don't be a chump. Make sure you have correct form and exercise the full range of motion for a muscle--no halfsies; otherwise, there is a big potential for strain and pulling muscles like your back since part of a muscle group is worked more than another. Strive for symmetry.

    Regarding food and dieting: your body has fat, which means it has energy. Add protein to your diet for the muscles but keep down the cals. Just think when your stomach is telling you its hungry that really it's telling you that it's empty. Tell it to go f itself and your body will dig into its fat reserves more than usual. That hunger signal is just an illusion. You have the energy. Tired? Wait till your body replenishes the fat stores in your muscles using your visceral fat.

    Ok, I'm out.