Tuesday, July 24, 2018

DASS 35: Sea Of Bluedini


  1. 2:33 "The natural juices from the Mountain Dew give you all the essential vitamins and nutrients that you're going to need to replenish stuff."

    Thank you for the compliments.

    Regarding YT copyrights, it's still messed up. Recently one of my videos I uploaded months ago was copyright flagged for for use of a song. That song was distributed by the original artist who noted automatic consent to anyone who wanted to use it in their works, including YT vids.

    Well, some aspiring French rapper decided to use that same song as the backing track to a song on his debut album distributed by CD Baby. You can see where this is going. Once CD Baby registered their library with YT, the bots started crossing their fingers, trying to start a fire under my a**. It did. I gave all the links showing the artist's consent and how to contact the artist for further info. A day passed and the lock was removed. All of the blame should be put squarely on CD Baby since they didn't check if their artists are incorporating free music and how they should handle putting copyright locks on tracks identified as similar. This is irresponsible and repeated offenders of improper copyright claims should be put on probation until they get their sh?*t together.

    Leaving comments is also problematic. If you include a link, use a word on some arbitrary no-no list, or the bots think your comment has enough down-force to depress an ant, it will be hidden in an under review tab on your YT dash which is never noticed and you are never notified of those under review comments.

    The paranoia extends out here to the blogger-sphere. Google owns Blogger. Do they hide comments with no-no words or one's their super intelligent non-human calculators deem as not part of them team spirit? I've been putting asterisks on the ends of words like a nine year old throughout this rant just in case....just in case. Who cares about net-neutrality if we are neutered within its domain. I'm sure the San Franciscan's are eating sh*t right now. I hope a hobo rubs their crusty butt along the side of your house. Not you Death Adder, but all those on some BS righteous morality bend.

    It's a shame regarding how quickly all the content is consumed in Sea of Thieves. I remember thinking the trailers and short gameplay segments I saw at the past two E3s looked neat. New content may come later. It's an MMO after all; however, that kind of portioned content feels very force-fed if you're sitting around in a game waiting for enough new content to explore. Later, when there's less people playing and all the content has been released is when there's a substantial game, but you have more difficulty forming groups of fresh players to explore the world. Considering the lack of offerings, maybe the game should be a budget title under $20 or free, or just not released until it has the enough content. That body-less kraken sounds budget.

  2. One of the many good reasons to tune in every episode is my media player loads a random image in the folder where the recording is placed. The adult mammaries I see gets me in the proper mood to enjoy. And yes, the pictures are themed around DASS such as my videogame waifu collection and Cammy.

    I don't really have anything else to add, but I wanted to make sure you knew I am still around.

  3. Thanks for putting me on the opening. Loved it.

    As for Dead by Daylight I take it to the hook quite frequently to rescue the other people. The problem with hook camping is that if I figure out your a hook camper, all I have to do is stick to the other side of the level and you wont get me. Too bad your not doing it on PC. I would have enjoyed throwing down in a game with you.

    Cities Skylines ia pretty good. It beat the shit out of Sim City 2013 which is a shame, but its a fun game.