Saturday, January 12, 2019

DASS 46: Under Attack


  1. You know I'm listening :)

    That announcer did a great job for only five bucks. Did you give her any direction? I wonder how many of these she bangs out in a day or if this is her only income.

    All it takes for me to be interested in a comic character is they have to look cool, and Moon Knight has the look. I've read some Moon Knight though not enough that I would say I was familiar.

    Deadpool never interested me as a comic. It's funny since I saw other comic characters like Youngblood and a bunch of other Image stuff that never drew my eye. I later learned that Deadpool and those other characters were created and drawn by the same guy. It's just not my style.

    Let's see. Black Panther got his movie. He always looked cool on the page. I'm trying to think of other cool characters that haven't had their share of movie time. I'd really like to see some justice done to the Silver Surfer. I thought the guy looked neat and all but I never read the comics. I only became familiar with him when I watched his short-lived cartoon series on Youtube well after its defunctness. I highly recommend it. I'd like to see some of those cosmic beings from Marvel like Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, and Death get an interesting story onscreen. Ghost Rider needs to be done better. I remember liking a few issues of the New Mutants. That would be cool. Though I haven't seen it, the TV or movie thing currently being made of New Mutants doesn't look like the comics. Other than that, I saw the new Venom movie and I'm hopeful. I think they could turn it into a long-running series like those Resident Evil movies which people like. Hmmm..giant sentinels need to be done. Onslaught would be cool as well.

  2. You like the wrastling. Macho Man Tranny Savage. The comments section is ablaze.

  3. ahem...
    Macho Ma'am Tranny Savage


    1. Sadly there is a clicking sound going on thanks to the furnace kicking on and off during the recording. Enjoy 10 minutes of rambling.