Wednesday, January 2, 2019

DASS 45: Bloomer Adder

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  1. I'm happy to hear DA went g-saling wink emoji I'm surprised that there are gsales in the Winter. Pics of finds give me fuel for the road. Post the pics. Regarding the NES classic sit-down you're planning: I recommend Battletoads-Double Dragon (the crossover game).

    How scary verbatim are Balzak's voice recorded replies to yours and Critical Failure's podcasts?! I thought I was listening to the same audio comment at first. There's no filter on my comment here. It's not my intention to put the guy named after a beachball down ha ha hhaa It's just an off-the-cuff observation. I haven't heard from BZ in a while. Are you still listening regularly, BZ? Are you hearing / reading this comment?

    Deadpool is Marvel, not DC. By the way you spoke, it sounded like you thought those movies were done by Warner Bros / DC Comics. Deadpool is a Marvel character, but the Deadpool movies were made by a different group than those who worked on Iron Man, Avengers, Capt America, and Spider-Man. Cue Homer yelling "Nerd!" I reluctantly liked the first Deadpool. I genuinely enjoyed the second Deadpool very much.

    Did you ever read comics? I can't get enough of these comic movies. I'm so happy to see characters brought to life and not simply be a word-by-word adaptation of the comics. I like being surprised, especially watching characters I never even read about when I was younger. I never read Daredevil, but I do enjoy the show. The same goes for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the OK / better than season 1 that is season 2 of Iron Fist. There are so many characters I'd like to see onscreen with amazing sagas like that of Darkhawk (Stan Lee's new character of the 90s) or Spider-Man 2099. What about Batman Beyond? That would be sweet.

    Speaking of cross-media adaptations, did you see the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie posters?


    We know the internet will have a shit fest. Heck, one of the posters hints at Sonic having green eyes oooo whhoooo hoooo *My body shivers sarcastically* While a live-action movie is not something I think would succeed, I want to be pleasantly surprised by it being amazing. Do you think there's going to be a console or handheld game adaptation? Those are being released far less these days with most publishers dumping out a mobile "game in quotes."

    DA, you lying bastard :')
    clapping hands emoji, speakers emoji, theatre emoji, Kermit yelling yay! emoji, Statler and Waldorf emoji, drum set emoji
    Urban Dictionary places zoomers squarely as kids of baby boomers. That's our generation. I don't classify our gen as fidget-spinning millenials (millies?). Am I wrong? I find it irksome when people think I'm a millenial.