Monday, December 3, 2018

DASS 44: No Mori


  1. Girl Buu...I've never been one for pixels but I'd wouldn't mind seeing some cosplay of that girl in the thumbnail corner. Maybe it's the Arabian Nights-style harem bikini.

    I understand if you want to change up the formula, but know that I will be sad not hearing DA tear the internet a new one cry emoji, tissue emoji, big tear emoji, swimming pool emoji, cry emoji, lifesaver emoji, desiccated body emoji

    The problem with these babies is that they've grown up not knowing what personally offends them. They think they're being bullied when they lose and put no fault on their self. From your experience, it sounds like their claims fall flat as they should. I find it funny that the server marks them as problematic / whiners. Please keep rubbing salt in their eyes. This next generation is f***'ed.

    BTW, I recommend the movie Mandy. It reminds me of those schlocky indie horror films from the 70s and 80s. They do some interesting things visually to remind you of that as well. Nicolas Cage is brilliant in the role like Arnold Schwarzenegger is as the Terminator or Bruce Cambpbell as Ash in the first Evil Dead (not so much Within the Woods). It's just a shame that it takes half the movie to get interesting. Stick with it. The setup is so worthwhile for the second half.

    "I'm sure your Mom doesn't care about your videogames" ha ha hahh aha ha