Monday, November 19, 2018

DASS 43: The Sole Survivor

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  1. DASS and TCR on the same day! What a day!

    Long comments. Stan or fan? Good or bad?

    Was the intro created by a cameo / vo service purchase? It doesn't sound like it was created by a computer.

    Regarding age and gaming, I have a similar sentiment. A lot of the games I see at game conferences or in the news are exciting at first but get laid to rest in the process of attrition due to life's challenges. Will I get to play that game? No? Maybe? Was it really that great? A lot of the games feel like they are re-treading ground anyways with a spiffier coat of paint (I'm not even referring to the remaster market).

    That's why I love retro games. Many of them are short and have a burst of solid gameplay that gives you what you need. The longer games have save files or passwords that allow you to continue (unless your Mario 3 on the NES--screw that game--play it on GBA). You have to play some of those longer games with a physical notebook to keep track of tasks so that when you return, you can jog your memory. Newer games have gotten better at informing a player of what they need to do and what has happened in a game thus far.

    You're reading the words of a guy who gets 99% games at g-sales, so I've built up a tolerance of being behind everyone else. It's a helluva a lot cheaper too.

    The G in GIF is pronounced like gift or golf.

    Thank you for returning the greatest segment of all podcasts ever: DA responds to random internetos.

    I guess 12-13 years is a good run for PS3's online services. The way online games are played is ephemeral anyways. When they're hot, they're hot and then they're not. Eventually the remaining fans of the game use it as a fancy PlayStation Home chat room.

    My name is discoverable on SKye. I tested it. The prefix i_ shows up in front for some reason. I guess I don't understand Skype. I'm the only one that pops up in the directory when you type in the same name I use here so it doesn't matter.