Saturday, November 3, 2018

DASS 42: Well Let Me Tell You Something Brother


  1. HA hah hah a me me. I ran into an old lady at a garage sale that thought I was young and hip with it, and she wanted me to explain the new word she discovered - me me. Well, of course being a young dude, I must carry the newest vocabulary. You'd think with that kind of question she was a snowflake, but it had no bearing on how she talked of the zeitgeist.

    Which generation do you think holds the most sway over public opinion?

    You hit the nail on the head when describing personalities on the Howard Stern Show, although I think Fred is more reserved. I wasn't listening when you were so he may have changed. Howard is such a narcissist. He always needs attention and approval and often lashes out when people disagree. It's his show. Anyways, Robin is an instigator, often choosing to play into Howard's attacks; however, she does offer insight that Howard is somehow blinded of despite being an intelligent person. There are a lot of brown-nosing trolls on staff which is irritating.

    The wack pack--oh, boy--that is a whole can of worms. Did you know they added Tan Mom to the wack pack? She's endless entertainment, mostly because her head is all screwed up from her tragic past (she was beat up and thrown down a well as a teenager among other abuse).

    Most of the wack pack is entertaining because Howard provokes them into embarrassing themselves. It's wrong, but funny. However, I have no problem liking Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf (now deceased). The guy was smart, witty, and didn't give a f*k.

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  3. Back again. You mentioned trying to get in touch via Youtube's private messaging. They removed that a few months ago. You can add me on skye using this username. It's the same.