Wednesday, October 17, 2018

DASS 41: Chili Dog Time


  1. A lot of Norm's jokes are slow burners. Was he like this in his younger years?

    I listen to podcasts when I work though I have to pause them when intense thinking is required. I mostly listen for entertaining stories, living vicariously through them as my life sucks and I'm a total loser. I like you DA, but please read that word--vicariously--slowly as you make me sound like a humpty when you mispronounce / change the word I wrote. That sounds harsh, but it is fact. Again, I appreciate the time you spend to record these and the awesome comments on my vids. Gah! Can't a person be critical without being accused of being a hater? It sucks that I spend the majority of this paragraph explaining things to people who rush to judgement. You asked for a list of my podcasts. Well, here you go. This is just a list and not necessarily ones I think you would like:

    - Mondo Cool Cast
    - Tiger Claw
    - Death Adder
    - Kevin Smith Podcasts:
    - Babble-on (covers movies and geek stuff)
    - Secret Stash (covers guys running a comic store)
    - Edumacation (Kevin Smith smoked-up trying to figure out science stuff with a non-smoked-up guide)
    - Smodcast (mostly stories from Kevin's life)
    - Fatman on Batman (geek stuff)
    - Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (not a podcast, but I listen / watch it when it comes out)
    - Surprisingly Awesome (science fact show)
    - Science Vs. (investigating various topic and smisconceptions people have about them)
    - Open for Business (various interviews and stories about running a business)
    - Every Little Thing (investigates various topics)
    - Flux (I forgot. I haven't listened to this one in a while)
    - Penn Jilette's Sunday School
    - Billy West's Podcast (radio serial about a dumbass similar to Fry from Futurama)
    - Retro Gaming Roundup (covers retro games with interviews, news, top tens, and various other segments. I think this is the most well put-together game podcast.This I would recommend.)
    - Retronauts
    - Maximum Power-up (UK podcasters talking about retro games. It's nice to hear the perspective of people who grew up in the same videogame eras half-way across the world)
    - Power Button (I think I want to drop this videogame podcast)
    - Completely Unecessary Podcast (honestly, I don't why I suffer the aggravation of listening to this one. Both hosts are very annoying now. It didn't start that way)
    - Vic's Basement (hosted by the creator of the Canadian videogame show Electric Playground who's been in the business over twenty years)
    - Heavily Pixelated (kind of videogame-related. Hosted by one of the previous co-hosts from Electric Playground)
    - 8-4 Play (Awesome videogame podcast hosted by English-Japanese videogame translators in Japan. This I would recommend.)
    - Generation 16 (podcast / youtube show covering the entire Sega Genesis library, based on chronological release)
    - Psychology of Videogames
    - Lasertime (pop culture topic show which includes talk of videogames. I recommend this.)
    - Vidjagame Apocalypse (top 5 countdown of videogame topic plus news)

    Here's podcast that's dead but still worth a listen:
    Indoor Kids (hosted by funny people who work in hollywood and talk about videogames. I think there was an episode or two with the guys from Rick and Morty)

    I also listen to the Howard Stern Show.

    1. Opinions on the classic 1997 film Private Parts Mecha? Question also aimed at you Deathadder if you have an answer.

    2. I remember seeing the 1997 blockbuster Jurassic Park The Lost World on a afterschool trip that was a reward given out by our science teacher for doing something right as a class. I did not think it was as groundbreaking as the original; however, the effects still rock. The end bit reminds me of a child's wet dream (Dinosaurs in the backyard? Yeah, that's cool) illustrated in great detail like the Jumnanji book before that hit the big screen. I didn't like the story and the setup for a lot of scenes feels forced. That whole daughter on the gym team kick to vicious knife wielding jumping reptilian cheetahs of course landing a kill blow....yeah, that whole setup for the joke, 'and they threw you off the gym team'. When was original Jurassic Park cheesy? Must the sequels have that kind of schlock thrown in to attract a wider audience? Didn't everyone have their minds blown by Jurassic Park?!

      What does this have to do with the 1997 film Private Parts? Nothing, though I did see a standee for Private Parts as we entered the JP: Lost World theatre on our after school trip to see the movie. Naked man vs dinosaurs is not even a competition. No, I've never seen Private Parts. Sometimes I get the urge, but I'm fine without indulging. I got into Howard Stern later anyways.

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  3. Now that I'm here again replying to Balzak (He does know that he named himself after an odd volleyball fad, right? No offense Balzak. We had one. Our cousins had one.) Anyways, DA, do you skype? Do you want to skype?