Tuesday, October 2, 2018

DASS 39: Not My Proudest

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  1. Riddle me this, DAtman: read #38 again for the first time.

    What a show opener for a Koopa-themed show! Has the Bowser theme ever improved since the 64 days?

    I noticed the terrapin in the picture and corresponding font choice. It's that extra attention to presentation that makes me believe DA actually cares.

    I've only seen this picture and heard the brief details you and CF gave on your podcasts about the fan created Bowsette (isn't there some "internet rule" about this?). It makes me wonder why Nintendo never made an anti-Peach character. Wario worked, they keep trying to make Waluigi work, and don't forget there's a Boshi. So why not a Dark Peach?

    05:36 DA is more hip than I.

    DA replies to random internetos should always be a segment.