Saturday, October 13, 2018

DASS 40: Hollywood Adder


  1. I Probably Should Have Been More Obvious With The Hint Hidden In My Comment For Show Thirty-Eight.

    By the name and your description, I pictured Chompette as a the chain chomp with lipstick like how Ms. Pac-Man is Pac-Man with lipstick and a bow. I totally overlooked the show art as being some random robot chick from a kid's cartoon. I think there's some green and white robot cartoon lady who looks like that. I can't say which and I don't think it's My Life as a Teenage Robot to which my cursory Google search led me. That being said, I should have figured the creation would have been anthropomorphized as Nintendo fanboys would want something with a groove down the center.

    Another internet rule should be Your name + Sonic always equals a deviantart fan creation sometimes NSFW.

    Regarding Danny McBride, but more specifically celebrities: have you ever seen a celebrity (or celebrities) outside a waiting line and spoken with that person? I passed George Lucas and his wife walking down the street once with no one around them and figured I'd give the guy a break and let him have the moment. Even the most cynical fanboys probably couldn't work up the nerve to pester the guy.

    I'm deliberating whether to drop one of my videogame podcasts. I do like Norm Macdonald. I did not know he had a podcast. I'll have to give it a try. I'm also considering picking up the Joe Rogan podcast after I learned about his podcast recently. I haven't heard it yet, but I have enjoyed his guest spots on Penn Jilette's podcast which JT turned me onto a while ago.

    Ha ha I just noticed the chain chomp boobs in Chompette's corset.
    I wonder if these artists have girlfriends that see them working on this stuff.

  2. I'm not actually seeing the podcast though. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Nevermind. Found it on your Podomatic Feed

  4. Black Ops 4 Launch - I actually looked this one up at the prospect of a tripple A polish game with a solid battle royale mode, but they left Steam and I'm not willing to get into yet another PC gaming platform.

    Halloween Movie - Funny you should bring this up. Been looking forward to sitting down to watch the original for the first time in many many years. Congratz to your wife on being an extra in the final cut. Also, while we are on the subject of your music never getting mentioned, I enjoyed the metal cut of the Halloween theme.

    Waluigi is the worst. Yes. I have never liked Waluigi.