Saturday, February 9, 2019

DASS 48: Moon Mist


  1. Don't forget waffle fries.

    Speaking of fake blood in videogames, I've always enjoyed how the blood looks in the original Bioshock. It makes me think of a viscous jelly. I never had a fascination with blood--fake or real--but something about the candy liquid that spurts from hollow bodies in Bioshock looks great.

    DA--playing like a Democrat(wat?) and making the internet a saNer place.

    I was not a fan of HALO, being a non-XBOX fanboy. Anti-fanboy? I wouldn't regard myself as a fanboy of PlayStation, Nintendo, or Sega during those early XBOX days, but they earned the right to exist at the time. Anyways, I remember going over for late nights of HALO LAN wars with guys I didn't know well during college. We must have had four XBOXes hooked up. Was that possible? I used the screen name tietze fly (teet-zee) and would zip around the map with the OP pistol. Good times. And yes, at least for the LAN, HALO was a good game. That hurts to write.

    I love team-ups in comics. How cool is that in the world of podcasts?! Make it happen.

    How much are you into the Youtubes these days?

    1. Yes, the maximum amount of players for Halo 1 and 2 was 16 players via LAN. It was the 4 xbox setup you experienced.

  2. For your health, DeathAdder. <- Link to game I'm talking about. One more voice recording for ya.