Monday, February 25, 2019

DASS 49: Hatch Me If You Can

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  1. I cringed from a phantom pain as Swingle described using an essential oil on his swingle. If it is a pure essential oil without a carrier or medium, that will burn tremendously, possibly causing some peelage some time later. Any essential oil will give that heat / burning sensation: oregano, tea tree, etc. Essential oils in the health business are bogus snake oil salesmanship. They're powerfully aromatic. That's it. Now cooking or baking is another story.

    I wouldn't put so much guilt on yourself when watching shows about murders. I believe you are more fascinated with the subject than overjoyed. I think there's something about survival that plays into that fascination. Someone dies. "Oh, how did he die?," is the first question that pops into mind. Being better informed gives you a better chance at survival.

    I think of the human race as this huddle of bubbles floating around in a petri dish filled with harmful things. The lesser informed individuals sit far off at the edges, getting picked off by the sharks who for the first time enter a bay which previously was designated safe to swim; other edge humans get popped by dangerous bacteria in public swimming pools left by some swimmer suffering from diarrhea; even others fall upon the sword of a deadly toxin they use as part of their job. Being informed keeps you in the middle of the huddle.