Wednesday, March 6, 2019

DASS 50: Magic Shoes


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  2. No comments yet? Releasing a DASS in the middle of the week?! You sneaky btard.

    I wish I could do the Gump thing. My muscles can handle it--my left foot's like 'Aint gon happen'. Either way, I hate running. I like repeatedly moving big clods of metal dangerously over my bulking body and lowering them like them like cracked egg shels. I'm glad you are getting healthy. Dew it, dude!

    What are you watching these days other than man wrastling--excuse me--other than people wrastling? We live in a gender equal world where both women and men can be drafted into military service if their country calls, no? I love media bias.

    You and me differ on caped crusaders. I need them to f shit up to feel fulfilled in my lonely nerd-dom. I haven't seen anything on the Captain Marvel. I skip all BS--trailers, reviews, articles expressing dismay before a movie's release--until I see the movie; and even after I see the movie, the only thing I watch is the first trailer to see how the marketing fared.

    I watched Bithead's latest and honestly, I would like to see him get back on the game and geek bandwagon. He's slowly turning into a reactionist. I can't tell where the real Bithead begins and ends. Remember that first video where he talked about recently being released after a year in jail for hitting his girlfriend, that he came to realization that people on the internet talked about classic videogames, and how he became enthralled by the community? That's the guy I miss - the guy who did it all for the games.

    Anyways, I've been watching the DC Titans show. I guess they dropped the Teen from Teen Titans to make sure it was being pushed as an adult show. There are teens in the show, but the adults do the f'ing. I like Titans like most DC TV shows I've seen. I'm a Marvel fanboy and have read barely any other publisher; however, I have always felt DC's cartoons and live-action stuff did better on TV. Marvel had action and goofiness, but the material feels substantially weaker than what DC brings to TV. Marvel has them beat on movies, in my opinion.

    Hey hey there's some music that really reeks at the end of the show. Am I in a Gran Turismo game from the 90s? To be clear, I am not saying 90s music sucks. There's sub-text, junior.

    I can be down on modern gaming too. What justifies a $300 / $400 purchase? I'd stick with the secondhand market or greatly reduced market from now on. I don't have friends coaxing me into discussions about the latest sheet anyway. Sure there are games I mark down on a to play list, but I'll get them whenever. It's no biggie. I'm in no hurry to drop a deuce on the review carousel that is the internet. Those funks don't do a thorough job anyways.

    Talk about a thick meaty comment. I hope this gives you enough to chew on and blow out your colon. Just remember, eat ground black sesame seeds to suck out the toxins and eat lots of broccoli.

    BTW: Did you add new cuts to the intro?