Thursday, March 21, 2019

DASS 52: Technically A Podcast


  1. You sneaky...You keep f'ing with the intro. I know you're adding stuff. I won't confirm by checking past DASS like any good scientist would.

    You obviously found the Burger King which headquarters ignores. Do they update their promotions and signage? I enjoy these non-sequitors in long podcasts that fill my empty lif...head. Fuc....a 32gig flash card seems like overkill for the complete NES ROM library.

    I think the point of Google's Stadia is to make traditional gaming available to anyone with an internet connection. Browser games have been more or less simple experiences. This is trying to do the OnLive thing. This will be a service which you pay for monthly, allowing you to play a catalog of games that can disappear once the license runs out.

    Who can say whether a particular game will be available to download forever somewhere else. Will it get a limited run games' release? If it does, will it even be on physical media? I fear that the non-DRM executable / ISO will eventually be the limited release. That's a good thing for estate sales. Relatives will no longer have to sift through piles of dust trash surrounding your corpse.

    Once money is wasted on this hypothetical offering of a digital download, it will sit on the hard drive. That digital offering may also only work on a contemporary build of OS. Look how Apple abandons support for old apps on their hardware. Windows at least tries. The future of gaming doesn't excite this old man-child. Freaking digital libraries which expire and I have to pay to access suck! More than ever future media looks like it will be ephemeral and will be a hassle to access without illicit measures.

    BTW, when cable went digital, the images became pixelated and introduced lag. People will need the fastest internet speeds to play these browser-based games. I think Google is posting their flag now so they can build up rep as faster internet speeds become standard across the board. I still use my internet's lowest speed since paying $60 or more for internet is horrible. That's not affordable. Internet service should be like water - cheap and abundant (abundant in most places anyway).

    I enjoyed the clickety clack. I still remember seeing Mario 2 in the glass case at a Toys R Us or Kiddie City. It was in a diorama case. I remember the electronics aisle always being dark at that time except there was a wall that was a metal cage and had these dioramas setup with systems, accessories, and games behind glass. It may have been Kiddie City since I think TRU always used that ticket system.

    I never beat vanilla Super Mario 2. I only beat hacks / mods. I really should get around to it.

    Regarding pies and emulator consoles:
    Getting a specific console for each platform you wish to emulate takes up space and requires switch boxes, multiple HDMI cables, and multiple power cables. Rather, why don't you get a pie and if you want to play with the controller made for a particular console, get the current day wireless version or get the dongle which allows you to connect the matching controller? It would take up less space if you just got the wireless current day version (8bitdo or similar) and used the pie's built-in bluetooth functionality to connect. I wonder what lag would be. Another plus for the pie is you can get one arcade stick instead of one for every system.

  2. I'm back again. I saw this and thought you might want to comment: