Monday, March 11, 2019

DASS 51: Chad Adder


  1. TMNT intro. Nice. Ever notice how the animation of 80s cartoons intros blew away anything you'd see during the episode? Ghostbusters, Transformers, COPS--even 90s toons like X-Men had sick intros.

    Regarding avatar names:
    Guys named Chad, Chet, Prescot, Presley, etc. usually end up being d-bags. They're jocky guys who don't mind giving nerds swirlies or atomic wedgies. These guys hold keg parties in those college humor movies.

    They canceled Daredevil and Punisher on Netflix. You should probably watch their last seasons before they are pulled. Did I spoil it for you? Normally when I hear a series or game was canceled before some plot line wraps, I don't even want to watch / play. That's why I'm never going to play Advent Rising. The preview articles back then made the series sound awesome.

    I've seen all the Justice League cartoons (well, not many of the 70's series). I really like the stories of DC shows. They develop characters more than Marvel cartoons. A scene that sticks with me is Flash running around the world to break Lex Luther's Superman-proof armor. After multiple loops, he's going so fast that he starts phasing out of existence when Wonder Woman yells, "Wally!," and pulls him back into this world. All the feels, man. You could hear it in her scream. Later I wondered why Flash's arm wasn't ripped off if she was struggling so hard to pull him back.

    The latest Young Justice returned for a third season after a three or four year hiatus. I haven't seen it but with that much time, I hope it's as good or better than the original Teen Titans and Justice League stuff.

    I was thinking about how many times people are excited to reinvent the wheel with these franchises. Marvel really hasn't had the chance beyond the three Spider-Man franchises (let's hope this one sticks :) I'm not bored yet and there's so much off the mainstream they haven't done even with Spider-Man.

    How I'd love to see Spider-Man 2099, or picture this:

    the teaser trailer starts with Peter Parker working at the Daily Bugle newspaper. He gets up from his desk and heads to the water cooler, feeling distressed and frustrated from the long day. FWWOOM!!! An explosion rips the open the windows canvasing his floor of the 20-story building. Glass and furniture fly everywhere as the afternoons rays filter through the heavy soot, now billowing.

    Dazed, but ready, Peter starts to get up as he hears the shrill laughter of a familiar enemy and the jet fire from his impressive glider as it whooshes past the newly exposed cityscape. Peter, now boiling over and ready to jump into action, stops as he sees Spider-Man swing past the window. The camera pans, following his head as it turns with mouth agap. Cut to black. Spider-Man: The Clone Saga.

    Spider-Man fans just shot web. Canz I be Spider-Man movie writer too?

    I think the biggest downside of Marvel movies getting old is that we're losing great stars. I know X-Men were being handled by Fox until the latest film which hasn't been released yet, but we got the perfect Wolverine with Hugh Jackman, and now that Marvel officially has the reigns, I can't imagine a better casting and performance. Downey as Tony Stark is pitch perfect and he is going to be gone. I've grown to like Captain America due to the Human Torch's performance.

    Nah, I think these movies have plenty of life, especially since they are blockbusters that bring in billions. If Marvel can keep up the variety in characters and quality of scrips after Thanos while spacing them appropriately, they may just continue to perform well. DC has work to do. Have you seen the fish movie? It was OK, but there were too many 'Give me a break' moments. It was more entertaining than their team-ups though.

  2. I know you got into the NES classic and its Turtles games to stay off the net, but you may enjoy this fan-made TMNT beat-em-up TMNT Rescue Palooza.
    I don't know if they support net play but hey, let me know if they do. Game Jolt has a bunch of fan-made games and hacks so it might cause you to go down a rabbit hole. The Curse of Issyos is a pretty cool Castlevania rip-off. I should recommend this site to CF. He likes cool stuff that is legit free.