Monday, April 8, 2019

DASS 53: Mania

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  1. Hey, penpal!

    I grew up in NJ. Kiddie City had several locations. I thought they were nationwide. I guess not.

    If you're really attracted to the look of the PS1, why not get one of those knockoff PS1 cases for a Pi? The reason I suggest that you go with the Pi option you mentioned last podcast is that it will ultimately be more powerful and can emulate more. It's also a possibility that the case would work with future pies (ha hah h ha future pie) if you ever decided to upgrade. I think they have Dreamcast running on pi now but not well. I would also be surprised if Sega Model 3 or 2 hardware ran flawlessly on whatever build of MAME is running on the pi.

    Speaking of Ash: did you watch any of that Evil Dead TV show? I recommend it. It lasted three seasons.

    Since you are a fan or wrestling, for the next clickety-clak, I recommend King of the Monsters 2 for Sega Genesis or NEO GEO. The SNES version is lackluster.

    What was your beef with the Last Jedi? I've been having a discussion with a guy on Youtube recently, LeBossu77. I've recommended his channel before in a video of mine. He mostly does vlogs about pickups and discusses movies and games. Anyways, he mentioned the part of the Star Wars fan base that is trashing Last Jedi, and that got us into a debate over what they are doing for Star Wars. I liked Last Jedi--not all parts, but I still liked it. It doesn't just do the action movie thing for the 18th time. It looks like it's taking Star Wars into a new direction and keeping the fan base alive. Maybe this is where the schism between classic and modern Sonic happens.

    Sonic, hunh? How 'bout that new Sonic movie with Jim Carrey as Robotnik?

    Oh, shit, now we're on a roll. Oddly Sega has never remade the original Sonic games. Sega has ported them multiple times. Some ports included new features like a widescreen resolution and added abilities like giving Sonic 1 the spin dash; however, Sega has never given their Sonic games a makeover like Nintendo has done to the Mario NES games. I know I must be one of a small few, but I would like to see an improved Sonic Spinball or completely new Spinball game - a platformer game inside a sprawling, deadly pinball machine. I wish I could design such a game. I have plenty of ideas.