Monday, April 29, 2019

DASS 54: Ghost Rider Kills Thanos


  1. I'm listening to this while reclining in my greatest free g-sale pickup yet - an Ikea Poang chair. I'm resting my eyes a bit. It was a long weekend, and I didn't want to let go. I stayed up too late and woke up too early this Monday. I'm not completely destroyed by age. It's not like I'm being wheeled around by a nurse while my insides are hanging out in a bag under the chair, but I am sunbathing indoors (not nude, you cheeky pervs).

    I understand the need for a break to gain renewed interest in something. Right now, I'm on a self-forced hell-atus. All I want to do is edit videos, but I have to do the responsible adult thing. I question leaving a comment at all, knowing that I won't hear a reply or be in the same mindset that I was when I leave this comment as when I hear the reply upon your return. I'm most upset that after listening to this, I must return to Pat and Ian.

    Gah! Not like anyone asked, but I mostly listen to podcasts like many people have become accustom to watching TV shows. I have a list of podcasts that I go through but only after catching up with each one. Currently I'm on the CUP and boy, these guys--I don't remember being so tuned off. I really have to find some other podcast vg-related or otherwise. It would be nice if I found one that does bring current vg news to light. Man, I miss MCC.

    The show-opener is a theme for Bowser BA, DA himself--I wonder what got into Koji Kondo's brain stem when he made the original theme. It's like no other work he's made, and this embellishment is masterful and a divine aural course.

  2. I completely understand the beef with Star Wars. Lucas never followed up on those characters. They aged, and we were jipped out of cool adventures that we tacitly knew they were having. Now we have the wisened warriors without the context which carried them to that point. You could say the same for Obi Wan, but his gap was only created in the mind of the audience after Lucas made the prequels.

    So we don't get Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie, but we do get their traits split into several younger versions. I still have yet to fully remember all the younger people's names, but I had a few decades to latch onto their original models. These new Star Wars movies ask that the audience make the leap in their minds to guess how those characters got to this point. I feel like out of the bunch, Han and Leia's story was the most under represented. We don't even get flashbacks like we do with Luke.

    Speaking of Luke, he is Yoda for the new gen. An odd, old Jedi master who lives in seclusion and isn't very warm to strangers. Unlike Yoda (and as an audience here we are jipped), he has formed a very negative opinion of the Jedi and their use of the force. He's very ambivalent about the role of the force. He is wisened, but we don't get the full back story. It's a bummer.

    Overall I think the story is going in direction I couldn't have predicted, watching hundreds of action films. Sure you can find analogs of certain moments, but the possibilities are what makes me excited about the next Star Wars and not just another Star Wars film I must see because I've seen the rest.

    I agree with your assessment of the Star Wars gaiden. Rogue One's story is something that would be an anime one-off movie, but the movie is very high budget. It has to be since it's Star Wars. Maybe that is confusing for the audience since ultimately the journey of those characters begins and ends in the same movie rather than going on for several as fans of Star Wars expect. Nonetheless, I liked it.

    Solo blows chunks. It's too kitschy. All those cool moments we heard about in Solo's scurrilous career happened over the course of one adventure. He won the Falcon in a card game, did the Kessel Run, and oh, met a long time ? friend Lando. That is one jip of a movie. They could have just rolled into A New Hope at the end. WTF?

    Take comfort in that Disney paid a lot of money for Star Wars and is not about to abandon a huge source of income from longtime nerds while they build a new Star Wars nerdom, though we all know that we nerds will see anything Star Wars because it's Star Wars. They could make a movie where Chewie has to save his family's favorite theme park on Kashyyk from being torn down by a team of greasy deforresters by scrapping together a rag tag group of losers to beat them in an all or nothing stakes baseball game. Yep, I checked the spelling on Kashyyk.

    Disney will probably make a Luke interquel. In a decade or so, there's going to be an Obi Wan movie just as nostalgia kicks in for the prequel kiddies. Heck, they'll probably make a Leia movie too. If you haven't figured it out, women leads in action roles are in. Woman think it's empowering, so it's ok for them to enjoy some action movie in the public's eye, and guys grew up being targeted with Star Wars, comics, videogames, aliens, predators (action, action, action) are still going to see an action movie with a female lead.

    I'll throw you a hello on discord. I'm also on skype. If you want to drop a line, feel free.

    Finally, thank you for making plenty of spoiler warnings for Avengers instead of going 'Oops, spoilers!' or jumping straight into the topic. I don't watch trailers any more and I skip over related articles or videos until I see any movie or show. If anyone listening or reading this is of the same mind, I recommend using this add-on for browsers called Spoiler Protection.

    I could probably go toe-to-toe with you on Avengers. I will return.

  3. Thanks for writing in, it let's me know someone is listening and usually gives me a good 10-20 minute segment. I miss the Mondo Cool Cast also, Jerry is the Thanos of the Mondo-Round cinematic universe, even if he were to just make a podcast white knighting Pampers over Huggies, like how he use to about the PS3 over the 360, he could still make it entertaining. Maybe if you, me, and Balzak assemble we can convince him to make another episode.

    But expect a return featuring a John Wick 3 soundtrack heavy DASS soon...

  4. I was thinking the same thing yesterday. He can't feel depressed about the Mondo Cool Cast. He created the MCCU.

    I suggest MCC from time to time to Jerry and I think he wants to do more, but he has commitments, so I understand why it doesn't happen. It seems like a lot of work. He's all about instagram now. I do think that I'm the only one who asks, so if you, Balzak, CF, Kaeser, and the rest leave JT a message showing interest, maybe he can muster the strength after a days-worth of call-center beatings and changing diapers at home. The bi-monthly live schedule was great.


  6. I have returned.

    There's a nascent anti-GameStop (GS) channel which talks about those sneaky add-ons GS employees insert on your bill that promote their status while also preventing them from getting fired (usually with people who speak English as a second language). It seems like the tactics are wink-wink-nudge-nudge on their end as well. Corporate tacitly expects you to do it. The senior employees learn to do it to meet the impossible numbers corporate expects.

    Is your wife jealous of Meg? Does she want you to instead pester her?

  7. Endgame has a lot of talking before any action on the screen takes place. There isn't even much interesting to look at. I agree that the story in the beginning was handled maturely, but I imagine kids slumping in their seats. The movie really kicked it into high gear for that end battle, though there was a lack of tension until Thanos 2 got involved. Overall it was alright, but not really standout and a great way to put a cap on it.

    Little Petey is still a teen. It will take some time for him to wear away some of his Beav in exchange for the wise-cracking, over-confidence he gains through experience. I think if Spidey was an asshole from the beginning, people would hate him. He needs to be a character that grows since he is a relatively new Marvel Cinematic Universe addition. Maybe now that Stark is gone, he will have less 'Gee whiz, Mr. Stark, can I be a superhero?' moments.

    It sounds like you need to enjoy the latest Godzilla movie. There's a lot more action in that movie. There's important talking bits, but then there's a lot more limbs getting ripped off and giant monster kamehameha waves. There was even a hint of mecha, and you know that mecha anything is 9001x better than standard.

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