Monday, May 27, 2019

DASS 55: Heat Wave Vol. 1


  1. You know....when I'm feeling like a DASS, another one drops.

    20:04 Ah hah ahh hah ha

    The notes say you mixed the John Wick soundtrack into this episode. It sounds similar to the style of the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Returns animated film series. I checked, and they have different composers. BTW, I highly recommend checking out The Dark Knight Returns duology released a few years back. It's the Batman film we were denied made in flesh tone when DC decided to fuck up its 'verse.

    1. Just curious, but it's been so long since I've looked in to this type of stuff and I know Google Plus just recently removed it's force penis out of Blogger's anal cavity, but do you get a e-mail notification when a new episode is released?

    2. I check back regularly, so, no.

  2. Disney didn't just buy Star Wars, Avengers, Alien, and Predator. They bought the idea-men behind making these properties sell. It's much easier getting James Cameron to work with you if you own all his IP. They can make better deals with this talent and produce hopefully better films at a grand scale without all the--well, with less bureaucracy, since they already paid all the upfront amounts.

    It's too bad they don't own MGM. I could see Disney getting a Robocop vs Terminator done. Orion likes to sit on properties that would burn a hole in anyone's pants.

    Since we last convened, Disney announced their Luke interquel. I imagine they're doing the Marvel thing - building up these characters by giving them their own movie and then they will combine forces in a later film. We will get a Luke, Leia, and Han interquel.

    You may say, 'Mecha, we already know Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the rest. Why would we need new films to introduce us to these characters?' Well, we've had 30-40 years to chew on the originals. There are new babies which haven't been given much to understand and like these characters. There's too much to dive into. Hey, some folks just haven't seen Star Wars (I'm referring to A New Hope).

    This will be a great way for the new kids on the block to familiarize themselves with these characters since the films will center around them. At the same time, old folks want questions answered.

  3. Hnh...It's interesting to hear an opposite opinion of FighterZ. Since Street Fighter, I thought everyone loved move sets which used the same combos. From there, it was a matter of timing and what the move actually did (maybe it was an aerial, something that could throw you to the other side of the board, etc.). Smash Bros nicked it and that has become successful as a pickup and play fighter.

    I could never get into fighters with complicated and disparate movesets like MK and KI. I can't get behind the idea that getting your fighter to do something must be a challenge. FighterZ probably wants to appeal to a broader base of players than just the hardcore. It's simple to learn, but hard to master.

  4. A lot of these apartment owners replace countertops, floors, and cabinets when tenants move out. I've noticed they replace with tile, hardwood, or marble-like surfaces to give the impression that the place is high-end then jack the price up significantly over what the last tenant paid. I checked my old place out recently and the owners put down hardwood floors (too cold for me), tiled the bathroom, and re-did the counters and cabinets in the kitchen. Now the place is $800 more!!! for a studio apartment!!!

    Be sure to check out local news sites like Patch for any info about the properties. There may also be Yelp reviews for the property. I'm not sure how, but maybe there is a way to get in touch with the NextDoor community in that area to ask questions as well. Obviously a Google search might offer some more insight as well. The point is, beneath that glossy veneer, there may be problems they are hiding like bed bug infestations, mold, old plumbing which cracks open and floods the apartment, etc. By looking at these sites, you get a good idea of how well the property owners handle problems.