Thursday, June 13, 2019

DASS 56: Heat Wave Vol. 2


  1. Hey, man, a colossal show requires a fat comment section.

    I didn't have an NES bitd, but I think I remember seeing the Monster Party box at a toy store or rental place. That game has been on my want list since I started looking for old vg.

    Do you have any of those memories where you can clearly see old school games chilling on shelves? I have a vivid memory of deciding between Mega Bomberman and Comix Zone at the rental place. I don't dwell on things I passed over (like some of the rarest NES CIBs at my FuncoLand), but every now and then the regret kicks up something buried. I chose Comix Zone btw.

  2. Your Mega Man drink reminded me of the Kids in the Hall sketch where Dave Foley plays a guy who never drinks and his friend introduces him to alcohol via fruity "chick drinks." The sketch plays out as montage of Foley becoming an alcoholic who only drinks fancy decorated chick drinks. I don't watch a lot of sketch comedy, but I have that series backed up.

    When I drank true soda, I preferred Pespi over Coke as well since it tasted sweeter and its fizz was less abrasive to my nostrils and throat. I recall liking Cherry Coke mixed with chocolate syrup though. That was my preferred mixed drink. Overall 7up was my brand. I don't remember comparing it against many lemon-lime brands other than Sprite and Slice, but again, 7up had a smooth texture and that possibly contributed to more of the lemon-lime actually hitting my taste buds. It could also have just been the brilliant cool spot campaign. Are they still allowed to market sugary products to kids with cartoons? They took away the smoking mascots. They took away happy meals with toys in some places. I would think the war on sugar and soda has people fighting to end cartoony mascots. Is the Keebler elf still baking cookies?

  3. If you didn't like Stranger Things 1, you really aren't going to like the bigger budget sequel. The work they did with the soundtrack in the second really annoyed me. It's like they took the DC / Warner Bros approach with their recent superhero movies by playing tracks where the lyrics match up to something happening onscreen. That and the fact they went from mostly original tracks done in that 80s sci-fi and horror synth style to playing mostly licensed stuff. It plays too much on the dime. There were also a lot more noticeable moments where they played up the "this is the 80s, 84 specifically, so we're going to have shots of people doing stuff that was popular during that limited time." There's subtle ways of doing these things. That was not attempted in season 2. Season 1 handled that stuff better such as when the girl is going through the supermarket and you see food products with packaging of that era pass by the frame without pause.

    I enjoyed both seasons though. I think there is a likeness to the Alien franchise as well as what was going on in the X-Men comics in the early 80s. Since you liked the intro of Stranger Things, I recommend re-watching the first half minute of ULTS! e03c01 and ULTS! e03c02. It won't take long. Here ya go!

  4. 41:19 Superhero movies same old BS and pushing political views. I definitely agree with this - both parts. I still like the spectacle. I'm not overwhelmed by much of what I see in these action flicks, but maybe it takes a big visionary to come around and get their hands on the reigns to make things fresh. Here's the problem though. We're old and have seen a lot of shit, cinema-wise, so it takes some clever re-workings of the formula or breaking from expectations to make things fresh.

    My favorite example in recent memory is Thor Ragnarok. I was thinking about that movie again recently. That first trailer (not the teaser, but the first official trailer released in July 2017 ) kept playing in my head. The combination of music and introduction to a universe of Mos Eisley miscreants is fantastic and outside anything I expected seeing in a Thor movie. Bithead is wrong. This movie is amazing.

    I do wonder whether I missed the contemporary political messages in earlier superhero films. I don't recall Spider-Man 2002 or X-Men 2000 pushing anything other than the stories adapted from the comics onto the screen. However, after seeing Captain Marvel recently and the near end of movie line, "I have nothing to prove to you," I realize while this is an appropriate response, I think the line was written specifically with two meanings. I guess pro-feminist messages have to be so blatant that they cave in your head with such force they make your brain hit the back of the pan. There are just too many dummies. There are a lot of men and women who treat women harshly throughout the world. I think we're going to get hit pretty hard until most people wise up. There is currently a double-standard with the way people expect women to act in America (ie they are always victims and need special care over men, but the message promoted in media is that women can do anything).

  5. I've been so busy lately that I fall into the crowd of 'Oh, E3 is happening this week?'. I haven't checked any news. I know that Sony isn't doing jack for E3. I'm surprised Nintendo gave a little attention. M$ is too big to fail(?) I don't know. I did see an article that linked to Bethesda's announcements. Normally I would not give 2 shits about Bethz, but the title mentioned Commander Keen. Despite this, the author overlooked linking to media for that game. As an old dude, I was offended by this oversight. Even so, Bethz decided to resurrect the series only to shoot its brains over the kitchen wall. I don't know what they're cooking up over there, but the trailer does not look like Commander Keen.

    I also saw the Squeenix Avengers trailer. It looks like a co-op action game. I'm not sure if it is, but it looked neat. Go Team Vengers!

    Crystal Pepsi all the way!!

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  7. Jesus, so many comments! I've been toying with the idea of doing a DASS Q&A to crown a DASS World Champion (honor system in full effect) I am picking you as a favorite to win the tournament. I'd red pill Swingle, Balzak, & CF on it in advance to.

    1. What can I say? Your show is stimulating. Also, I'm too OCD to not comment on things you ask the audience for a response like the sodas and Monster Party. As text is my only course of reply, it would be deficient to leave comments that are vague.

      I take notes along the way in a separate window since I listen when I'm working on my computer. I split subject matter into their own comment section as I found out there is a character limit ha hha hah I don't do this for the glory.

      Oh, yeah, I came back to ask have you ever seen the movies Split and more recently Glass? They're not your typical superhuman stories. I recommend giving them a watch. Split came second after Unbreakable. Glass came out earlier this year.