Monday, July 29, 2019

DASS 57: Heat Wave Vol. 3


  1. It was the 90s when every Sony published PlayStation game used Super Beast and "Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches" in its soundtrack. What a blast it was hearing it again. Are we going to hear "pour your misery down" and No Doubt next? Holy shit, Genesis..seriously, hah ha What a video!

    Beyond Theodore Logan, Keanu is pretty stiff. How did the combo of John Wick and Keanu succeed? John Wick was a relatively low-budget action flick which took in triple its budget. No doubt his Matrix role had something to do with him scoring the lead in Wick. Since Wick's scoring bigtime, Paramount is pushing it big time. At least we'll get a Bill & Ted 3 out of this.

    The Wick movies are pretty generic and watchable yet skippable. Number three should have been edited better to hide the choreography especially with Storm's kung fu. How 'bout those nut crunching dogs though?

    It sounds like you saw a bunch of king snakes. Their name comes from their diet of eating other snakes. I bump into them occasionally on my bike. One time I was racing down a hill and one of these things was stretched across the narrow path. I thought it was a branch at first but as I got close (real close), I realized it was the dumbest snake ever so I hit the squishy speed bump and got the willies even though the thing had no chance of attacking me. It wasn't there two days later so I think it wised up.

    I enjoyed the soda soundscape you created.

    Hey, man. You keep saying that you have a few listeners. Why not put out a 10 second video stating when a new podcast is up and link to it on your YT channel? You can't expect everyone to obsessively check the DASS site for updates.

    1. Nah dude promoting it wouldn't help it much, I use to do that on YT, it's the same few people regardless and that's fine, I do this for fun, but da truth's da truth. I just think that the supply and demand for my thoughts on going to Target and the Ultimate Warrior's muscles isn't at a peak right now lol.

  2. Michael Myers should be better then Ghostface, still cool he is in it. I hear good things of Bloodstained. Great second song choice man, felt like I was 16 again for a minute, lol #cringeforever #90sedgelordmusicforever ;). The SJW crap in recent times is getting out of hand, Captain Marvel sucked and Brie Larson is a bitch. Avengers Endgame was good, but even that had some little annoying SJW moments. Commander Keen was originally on DOS, so that is why you probably havent heard of it.