Saturday, August 31, 2019

DASS 58: 2 DbD LARPers, 1 Cup

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  1. The opening song sounds like something I would hear on Metalocalypse. I got over the parody in that Brendan Small creation after a season or two. Home Movies remains at the top in my book. "It's time to pay the price."

    Agreed. Those Switch Lite colors are janky. I haven't come across too much current gen stuff, so whatever color I find at the gsales in a decade will be the version I buy for five bucks.

    Lounge lizard Guns n Roses = pass, though it was funny. It sounds like the guy's ready to break out into that Mario switch theme at any time.

    Fake news Kotaku segment is pure gold. HA hah
    Dump Kotaku already (I mean, why didn't you do this when the PS3 launched? I guess you hang onto it for the lols) and use and

    I was confused over the latest season of Young Justice. It has a shit-ton of characters that only someone who's watched hundreds of DC toons would recognize (or read comics), more gory than normal cartoon violence (blood and exploded body parts), implied sexy time, and some cuss words--ooooo ha hah. Then I realized they were making a cartoon for adults, but then why all the horribad non-subtle "this is the lesson learned watching this episode" writing and super rainbow cast? Adults aren't stupid. I mean, they have a muslim-hijab-wearing-bi brown girl that doesn't affiliate with a gender because of course she doesn't. Are we really hooking every type of person using the next cast of BK Kids? I mean, isn't the trope of one of every kind in this TV commercial already played out? I know you said no more SJW stuff, but your reading of the last comments section made me think of this. The show has a decent story, filled with teachable moments that would appear on a very special episode of Family Matters or Full House. I would like to hear another non-white person's opinion of this.