Saturday, September 21, 2019

DASS 60: The Flaming Choadas


  1. I haven't had a Pop Tart in over twenty years though at the time I was always interested in trying new flavors. Critical thinking cap on, I would probably chose a plain flavor like blueberry or strawberry, meaning no frosting or different pockets of flavor. The reason being that very easily taste buds can be overwhelmed by something too sweet like the smores or cinnamon brown sugar flavors. Eating the plain flavors means you can enjoy the toasted sweet pocket of flavor longer and have another one without feeling overwhelmed. You could probably eat a dozen as they aren't very filling.

    I think we moved onto Pilsbury Toaster Strudels after that before probably eating nothing for breakfast for a while. If I really want breakfast now, the best I do is grab a little walnuts, coconut, cacao nibs, and some goji. All of these are expensive but very little goes very far. Either way, I don't eat breakfast much any more.

    Who are you rushing to give your opinion on Gears 5? I mean no offense to your ego. I have no stake in the game as I do not own an XBONE any more. It's a lie if I said I never did. It was only gsale fodder.

    On the other hand, I still enjoy hearing people talk about the latest games as it can affect my future purchase, just nothing that means anything to the publisher or dev since it will most likely be secondhand. When it comes to new games, I am a little aware of what is going on, but I figure I will get to it eventually when I find it at a gsale.

    Very rarely do I buy new games. I don't have a group of friends all hyped over the new releases that act as a sounding board for my opinion. I'm not hip. I know I'm a loser. Plus, finances are weird. I struggle here in Soviet States of CA; however, I will dig into the savings for an expensive auction if I know I can recoup most or all of it. Who needs hot water, right?

    Alf is a backwards back in that thumb. It's haunting. I'm getting Fuzzbucket vibes, and that aint cool.

    DA on the go is cool. I enjoy these walkabouts. My memory is probably failing or conflating two separate occurrences, but I remember enjoying JerryTerrifying podcasting while dodging skunks during night time walks.

  2. I thought about it some more: Roger Rabbit was released earlier than the Mermaid. Even at that age, I was all confused about Jessica. An IRL version of her would probably have choked her veins with cigarettes and booze. It's a shame this hypothetical woman couldn't exist without the aid of death dealers. I love that raspy voice.