Tuesday, November 26, 2019

DASS 66: 2 Mondo Cool Dudes, 1 Cup


  1. Checkpoints:
    06m 07s: Talking starts, glance at the latest gaming news
    11m 35s: Dead by Daylight DLC, Halloween Event
    16m 15s: Fighting games, Street Fighter collections
    21m 02s: Listener comments from previous DASS
    45m: DA x MM: The Ultimate Team-up

    48m 39s: Souls games

    54m 35s: Old Nick shows, TV

    1h 03m 21s: Zombies

    1h 06m 19s: Summer movies

    1h 14m 42s: Mondocoolcast

    1h 21m 47s: NEWS BEGINS NOW

    Star Wars and old Toons

    1h 43m 40s Garage sales and Bithead talk

    2h 03m 52s: Howard Stern Talk

    2h 10m 50s: PEE BREAK

    2h 25m Black Friday

    2h 39m: Deep fakes and Japan

    2h 49m: Begin mechaMenace Q & A

    Mondocool, Fighting games

    3h 9m 54s: Other Youtubers
    3h 19m 23s Equipment failure

    3h 27m 40s: Food, health

    3h 35m 20s: Super heroes, DBZ, Gohan fail

    3h 54m 37s: Music and 2000s internet file sharing

    4h 18m 49s: secret mondocoolcast

    4h 31m 16s: First videogame, favorite NES Mario

    4h 57m 7s: Memorable garage sale moments, people

    5h 23m 17s: mechaMenace bonus segment 1

    5h 56m 14s: mechaMenace bonus segment 2