Thursday, October 31, 2019

DASS 65: Black Mirror, Pantless Myers, & Arcade Memories


  1. I want to post vids, but f'ing life keeps getting in the way. YT used to be more a part of that. I film. I edit. I don't post. When I do post, it will be like that wave of pennies in the the Ducktales intro - the one that tries to swallow Scrooge as he runs away in his onesie.

    Speaking of which, I really should get back to the new Ducktales show. I watched ten episode and though Tennant is really off-putting as the voice Scrooge, I do enjoy the adventures, even if it's made for kids of today.

  2. Here are the direct links to my comic collection:
    Part 1:
    Part 2 (covers Gon manga):
    Part 3:

    My collection has grown, but not significantly. If I was still active, I probably would have a ton more Venom and Spider-Man 2099 as Marvel has finally started to cash in on how cool these characters are.

    I'd love to see Spider-Man 2099 onscreen--a full live-action movie series dedicated to the hero; however, I doubt Marvel will do that since there can only be one Spider-Man onscreen. Cartoons like Spiderverse are different. I don't think audiences would accept two Spider-Man franchises unless there was some crossover timeline thing where events of the past affect the future. The same goes for a Batman Beyond movie.

    1. Which comic character would you like to see hit the silver screen? I think Darkhawk (of Marvel) would be a great addition.

  3. There were several mall arcades I visited when I could. I remember one in the Cherry Hill mall that was the width of a broom closet. There was room for one machine on the left wall, one opposite, and an alley down the middle which you could make your way to the older games--and skeeball, always skeeball and basketball in arcades for some reason. Popular games and large setup games like a skateboard simulator were in the front. Some games I remember seeing in the front include the Bucky O'Hare beat-em-up (Capcom, I think. Maybe it was Konami since they had the NES license), Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct. I remember playing Don Pachi there for the first time and being floored.

    What I loved about arcades was that there was a possibility for them being anywhere and each having unique games. It was something your eyes were keen too when making your way around the world. The 7-11 with Street Fighter and Galaga(?), dentist office with Mr Do's Castle and Double Dragon, or movie theatre with Sonic Arcade and Sega's Spider-Man--the thought always struck me, 'Is there an arcade here?' This was especially true when on vacation with my family. You look at the map. Is there a pool? Is there an arcade room? Bingo!

  4. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that the subscribe email you sent definitely does not work. Before you posted this episode, DASS65, I hit the subscribe button again. A webpage confirming the subscription loaded. I received no notification for DASS65. I think Google has abandoned blogger.

    Blogger is so borked and there's no protection against spammers. You are very lucky the robots have not discovered your blog, otherwise your comment section would have 114 comments about penis pills. The robots destroyed one of my favorite blogs. I think the owner gave up posting since they kept getting notifications for the spam.

  5. Yo man. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I'm still listening. Keep up all the good work.