Saturday, October 12, 2019

DASS 62: Pretty Mellow Guy Instinct


  1. I don't care if it ends up being Orchid's theme from the Killer Cuts soundtrack; that wordy intro song was cloying at best and laugh-out-loud inducing (the one that played before your normal intro). Is it a parody music video like Robin Sparkles' Let's Go To the Mall?

    Two hot pockets? Crazy town. Do girls do weird shtuff when home alone? I tell you, not caring when or where you get nude to get into the shower is liberating when living alone, though it does get me into odd situations when I need at least pants to perform a task while the water is heating up. Big tip: never attempt to super glue anything while nude.

  2. Being a good guy in games seems natural to me. Unless I unlock something neat, I'm not that interested in believing NPCs are real enough to jerk around. Your friend sounds like he or she may need help if they believe being normal / nice to people is work IRL.

  3. Miss Maroney was an Olympic gymnast. She became infamous for 15 seconds when she smirked on the silver platform at one of the Olympics. I don't know what she does now. I wonder if US Olympians get paid to train for the Olympics.

    Hmm...I put an even mix of YES and NO in the list of women--5 yes, 5 no. Before reading the list, did you think these were all women to which I would say YES? Either way, all my NO were ones you said yes just barely except for Angelina Jolie. I get that she is an attractive woman. I'm just not attracted to her.

    I actually tried to put women on this list that are usually well regarded, hence our generation's classics like Angelina and Pamela. Unless that Pamela is a Ms. Pamela Isley, I pass. I mean, she would kill me she were real, but that's besides the point.
    Here are my passes:
    - Angelina Jolie
    - Lady Gaga
    - Rosario Dawson (presents herself as a nice woman, but not attractive to me)
    - Pamela Anderson
    - Bayonetta (such a weird chick).

    You barely checked yes on Rose Leslie. I get it. She is more down to Earth in her profile of work. Maybe it's just the red hair and freckles, but of this list I think she would be the easiest to talk with, especially since three cartoons would get eliminated immediately.

    Is this getting to creep level? Does your wife listen to these? It's not like I'm recommending porn.

    Would this be a fun thing to do in the future? How about you come up with a list of hard NO and YES women. I tried to be tricky by sliding in women that have a reputation of being well liked for their career or beauty. It would be great if you placed some of those types on the list. That is women who you believe other people think are attractive, but in which you find no interest.