Wednesday, October 16, 2019

DASS 63: Chicks Man


  1. Death Adder’s Official F, Marry, Kill Rules

    -F, you get a full 72 hours at a 5 star hotel on the beach with this person, unlimited champagne, chocolate, steak, strawberries, and Gatorade from room service. ANYTHING GOES.

    -Marry, after having your non stop sex marathon with your F choice, your Marry choice will now become your life partner for better or for worse until one of you dies of natural causes.

    -Kill, if you do not kill this one person then the world explodes, you will not receive any prison time or feel any remorse for this murder. You may use the old “head in the oven” method to murder if you like.

    *Pro Wrestling Babes
    -Becky Lynch
    -Sasha Banks

    *TV Babes (The Actresses During Season 1, Not Their TV Characters)
    -Jenna Fischer
    -Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    -Kaley Cuoco

    *YouTube Babes
    -ASMR Darling

    *Comic Book Babes
    -Harley Quinn
    -Power Girl

    *Fighting Game Babes

  2. Oh, shit! Did I guess right on that DASS62 intro track? I was just having fun riptoring it to shreds to keep the KI theme going after you informed me that bone xylophone is a KI track and because I didn't like it.

    You earned that cringe with this show's pre-intro. I'm not super into the internet's dusty corners (numbers-chan? animu board?) so if you're ransacking a widely proliferated cringelist, I wouldn't know.

  3. Chick checklist

    - Bayley is K. Google-imaging Bayley swimsuit places a more attractive chick in the number one image spot. It's like Google is telling you, 'Wouldn't you rather ogle this lady instead?'
    - Sasha Banks is an F, given the choices. She's attractive in some shots; wherein others, not so. Her persona is effusive in those shots and that seem unattractive for an M spot.
    - Did you have any doubt? Like I said, I think the waifus would align well. I'm answering these as you list so really I'm betting on you to pick Becky as an M as well. While Sasha is attractive to me in some of her shots, I wouldn't mind seeing Becky every day.

    The hard part about this FMK is that the M requires me to know something about the person and since I've never met Becky nor any other chick you are going to list, choosing an M is probably going to come down to who isn't F or K.

    - Jenna is M. I've never seen the show, but she looks ok.
    - Julia has never been attractive to me, but is hella funny and F since
    - Kaley is K

    This is a category? I've heard you mention the wrestling chicks on DASS, but YT people is not a category with which I am familiar at all. You are enlightening me with this contest.
    - ASMR Darling seems way young from the Google-Image search. Maybe these are years old pics. Either way, she is cute. M
    - ijustine is F, I guess, but is definitely K if
    - SS Sniperwolf doesn't play up the bright eyed nerdy girl look. Look at photos of this chick in normal getup, without the bayonetter geek fantasy, and she is saved from being a K and becomes an F

    - Harley is F. Wearing her new gear, Harley reveals more flesh than her clown suit. She's always had the bod and from what I know about her in the Animated Series, she is very smart. You know she would be wild and down for anything. I imagine she would probably end up killing you so it would probably be best to K her, but oh well.
    - Psylocke is a K since I really don't know anything about her, though Jim Lee drew her best.
    - This makes Powergirl a M. I've seen the character but don't know anything about her other than her suit. Is that a window to her soult? Can't think...She is very nice.

    Fighting games:
    - Morrigan is a succubus so at first, F, but a sexy succubus dtf any time would be a nice bonus as an M. Succubitches are usually very smart as well, so M.
    - Felicia is a cat and M might be a good choice, being that she is cute and playful; however, I imagine this is the Japanese animu equivalent of cute and playful girlfriend, so F.
    - Sheeva is a K. This has to be the joke choice. I have wondered about chicks with multiple arms and mammaries, but this thing is scary AF and would kill me so best beat her to the punch.

  4. The wrap-up:

    Having listened to your choices, I disagree that Bayley is a butterface. She is all butter. Switch Julia with Tina Fey, and that TV list gets switched. Kaley is definitely a K for the exact reasons you mentioned. ijustine is pretty much the same thing a Kaley but without TV makeup.