Thursday, October 24, 2019

DASS 64: Unnecessary But Enjoyable


  1. Yeah, the email subscription thing didn't work for me. I received confirmation via email, but I found out the latest using the old-fashioned method. I'll try clicking the subscribe link in the email again. Maybe I'm imagining things. Even so, I noticed the uptick in DASS. It is well appreciated.

  2. The thing I liked about fighting game culture was the respect for your quarter on the glass. You put your quarter down, and nobody butted ahead, but followed their quarter until they were up--class. At least, that's the kind of integrity the crew who frequented arcades I visited. Did you go to arcades with a limit - a certain number of games, quarters used, etc.? It was usually a time thing for me where I had to meet somebody like my Mom back at a certain spot. I think the most I spent at the arcade was eight bucks, due to the 50cent cost to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 and a good buddy to go from game to game. Carnevil? That was another played that day.

    Visiting arcades nowadays doesn't have quite the same appeal. It's probably the emulation effect and how we have Star Trek technology games in homes now. Another problem is they are usually placed in the middle of a theme park where spending time in an arcade seems like a waste compared to other attractions.

  3. I probably wouldn't like The Office. Not to sound like a prick, but I enjoyed the original UK Office prior to the porting of Office to every nationality. I think I would be too attached to the original cast and stories to not feel weird when a different cast does a similar play. There were some other UK shows like that where a US show was attempted and my reaction was bat country.

    I don't know a whole lot about comics, but I do know a bit, so not knowing much about Psylocke or Power Girl doesn't seem so bad. Do you know about Dark Claw - the Marvel-DC-spawned Amalgam team-up publisher's mash-up of Wolverine and the Dark Knight? I read comics, just not every comic--and mostly Marvel. If you're interested, there's a series of three vids on my channel where I go through my comic collection, from A to Venom.

  4. I really need to catch up with the episodes. Once I do I will give my opinion about M/F/K. Killer instinct was a favorite of mine, the most 90s game. I mean Mutants, Dinosaurs, Ninjas aaand Cyborgs? Doesnt get more 90s then that, lol. Ive been fucking around with Mugen, and its been fun again adding fighters and seeing them all fight for me, like I would be some Roman Emperor. Either way great episode TNR-broski! For the Deathmug of DOOOOM!!!

    1. Do you have a PS4? Time Carnage has all those things and more: dinos, zombies, robots, etc. I won't vouch for it being a good game, but it is a recent game with all of those things and an awesome cover.