Saturday, February 1, 2020

DASS 68: Scorpion Deathlock


  1. That coffee caffeine story is wild. It really makes me glad I never liked the taste. I wonder what physiological changes occur once you stop coffee after drinking it regularly.

  2. I still have yet to play through Castlevania SOTN. I'm sure I will enjoy it once I dig into it, but I wish I haven't heard the game lauded over the years as so many gameplay mechanics and story have been spoiled.

    For secret rooms in SOTN, is there no indication in the room like cracks on the walls, different colored walls, or different pattern in the area that conceals a hidden passage? Is there no little notch on the map that indicates another possible exit? If so, that is very Metroid 1-esque and I do not like.

    200.6%?! Point SIX!! That irritates me. I like to know when I complete a game by seeing 100%. That would make me made overturning every stone in the game. It made me sick in Metroid Prime when I scanned everything. It wasn't fun, but it was necessary to unlock 100%. It turned me off to the series.

  3. Thank you for the spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler warning. I was able to stop and skip ahead of the Jumanji 2 / Star Wars talk.

  4. The cast and plot of Nothing but Trouble sounds familiar. I looked into it and I remember it as Billy Crystal instead of Chevy as one of the leads. I often think back on this movie and marvel how creepy it was as a kid--the scenes which I do remember, anyways. I remember there was scene that played up a disgusting way of eating sausage. I got your license New Yorker!!!!!

    I remember the Mr Boogety movies had me a little on edge as a kid. There was some weird imagery in that. Fuzz Bucket too. Also, that movie with the guy from Growing Pains where he marries a monster freaked me out a little.

    Speaking of horror movies, have you seen Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining? We could talk about that next time, if you have.

  5. Let's be honest about Sonic. Like you, most of us think the 3D games are missing something. There just not as fun to control and don't allow you to recover and explore as easily as the 2D games, limiting your scope (multiple paths, loopbacks, etc.). Since you brought up the Wii, I recommend playing Sonic Colors. I played a little of it and really enjoyed it. It's probably the best 3D / 2D Sonic game I've played in the last ten years.

  6. ALWAYS wash shirts inside out. The designs last longer.

    It was cool hearing your story about meeting one of your heroes. I like hearing how nervous people get when they meet face to face with a person famous in their circle of interest.

    I had the opportunity to meet Stan Lee twice. Normally I wouldn't waste my time waiting in line to see a Disney character, but Stan is something. On one occasion, he said, "I feel like Santa Claus up here." I knew it was probably one of his canned lines meant to break the monotony as well as the nervousness between two strangers, but even so, I was brimming with excitement. Somehow in the moment, I managed to retort, "To a lot of people, you kinda are." I got a signature and didn't think to ask anyone to take our photo. That man's smile could set anyone off. Even though I never really knew the guy, I really miss him and what he brought to nerdom. He truly used his gifts to expand its horizons.